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Re: Ammunition

Post by Pete E » Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:49 am

Here is a possible scenario using Supply Tokens to fuel individual battles. AA Europe (1999) is the game of choice and although I assume most of you don't play or maybe don't even own it, perhaps other games in the AA series can be adapted to what follows.

Here is some beginning information:
1. This example is for land combat only.
2. This example deals with only Germany, although the same rules apply to all other nations.
3. 1 IPC buys 6 Supply Tokens.
4. 1 Supply Token is needed to fight one battle.
5. Supply Tokens move 2 land territories (or sea zones) per turn.
6. Supply Tokens are only needed when attacking.
7. Supply Tokens are purchased and placed in Industrial Complex territories to begin with (except the initial Special Cash Advance).

AA Europe begins with a unique feature: Special Cash Advance. The Axis receive 12 IPCs; Allies (as a group) 12 IPCs. This SCA was originally designed to purchase additional units, but it will now be used to purchase Supply Tokens. In order to remain within two territories of German combat units, supply depots have been established in six locations, each containing 2 IPC worth of Supply Tokens (12) which, in total, represents 72 battles German can fight. For those curious, supply depots are located in the following countries: Germany, Northern Italy, Yugoslavia, Norway, France, and Algeria.

One Supply Token is used per battle even if the attackers begin in different territories. To continue a battle, a second, third, fourth, etc. Supply Token is fed into the embattled territory one at a time. This way, should the attackers be destroyed, they will only lose the Supply Token for that battle only. The function of supply depots is to store Supply Tokens within reach of combat situations and to supply ongoing battles.

Supply depots can distribute Supply Tokens to more than one battle at a time (if the battles are all fought within two territories of the depot) and can move during the Non-Combat Movement sequence to remain within two territories back of advancing victorious units.

Here's what I have not thought through:
1. How to operate this system with naval units?
2. Can supply depots or Supply Tokens be captured or destroyed?
3. Can bombers transport Supply Tokens?
4. Will this create a game imbalance?

Feedback of any kind is always welcome.

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