I would like to say thank you...

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I would like to say thank you...

Post by Yavid » Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:20 am

Back in 1993 after I bought my first copy of Axis and Allies I opened it up and thought how cool would it be if the tanks, planes, est. looked like how they really did instead of generic pieces. I want to thank WotC and Larry for making that happen.

In 1999 when I got Axis and Allies: Europe I thought how much better it would have been if instead of stukas germany got bf-109s. I want to thank WotC and Larry for making that happen. I also thought how much better if Russia and UK got it's own artillery and ships. again thank WotC and Larry for making it happen.

From 1993 till Axis and Allies was bought by WotC there was alot of expansions that could be bought for the game. I got cardboard Tigers, trucks, P-51s, Marines, Paratroops, artillery, destroyers, cruisers, destroyer escorts. With every expansion and every cardboard game piece I thought to myself damn I wish I got little plastic pieces for this things. I would like to thank WotC, Larry and HBG for making that happen.

In 1996 I got the Table Tactics expansion Central Powers. And dreamed of a day there was a real Axis and Allies World War I game. Thank you Larry for making it happen.

My pleasure -

Lastly thanks for all the fond memories of playing this game.
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Re: I would like to say thank you...

Post by AC » Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:04 am

Yeah great work Larry. My dad bought our first axis and allies around that time too and as a kid I was enthralled by the miniatures. The introduction of Europe and Pacific with artillery and destroyers was really exciting. I love the games and I always will. I'm not a big gamer. I never have been. I started out with risk and I have played diplomacy but that's really the limit for me. They're great games. Keep up the great work Larry. Keep in mind that on the internet you will always have people who will criticise certain aspects, etc but they're games, they're not war simulations. If they were historically and tactically accurate to the finest degree they would be boring.

Please keep making games.

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