Is Russian Revolution worth it for CP?

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Re: Is Russian Revolution worth it for CP?

Post by Yavid » Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:21 pm

Flashman wrote:This now under official review from Krieghund:

We're thinking about changing the Russian Revolution rule to allow the Central Powers to decline the armistice if they want to. That would keep Russia from "gaming" the rule. Of course, there is only one revolution, so accepting it is a one-time opportunity.
I'm not sure I like the idea that Germany gets to decide if the Russian people Revolt. I would rather a one time die roll if conditions are meet. So the Russian "people" decide if they have had enough. And that would keep Russia and Germany from "gaming" the rule.
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Re: Is Russian Revolution worth it for CP?

Post by WILD BILL » Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:46 am

Not sure I would like a dice roll to determine the Revolution, there is a lot at stake. The CP have put themselves into position of military conquest which caused the coup, so they defiantly had something to do with the Revolution. The CP would be in a position of power and should have the upper hand in the armistice. Allowing them to reject it saying their terms aren't met seems right, it also doesn't allow the allies to game it.

The Revolution rules have been tweaked (including a CP rejection clause) and are much better then OOB. You could also use part of the collapse system from the Tourney rules (just Russia) to simulate the Revolution.

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Re: Is Russian Revolution worth it for CP?

Post by TheoMav » Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:32 am

Hello Gentleman,

Sorry to come in late on this one. I believe the rule is fine as it is. Why change it? If you want to look at it realistically, the CP wanted the revolution in order to knock out Russia from the war! They were not looking for options whether to keep them in or to reject an armistice as the war went on according to how their own fortunes were going! If you are the CP & do not want the revolution then attack Moscow & conquer it ASAP. If not, then meet the revolution conditions. I reckon too much fiddling with the rule allows either side to "game" it anyway.
I have played in two particular games where Russia was taken. Then in all the action & after a naval battle knocking out Germany's navy the British sneaked a transport across & liberated Moscow before the CP could rush troops back to defend it! What an exciting game that was! In the other one(with another group of players) the same thing happened in all the excitement with an armada moving through sz5 & sz6 Moscow was liberated before the CP could rush back troops to defend it(they couldnt spare any anyway!) In other games I have activated the revolution & still lost. It all adds to the fun, excitement & uncertainty(do not forget those lovely/or treacherous dice rolls which can foil the best of plans!)
Players will always complain about one rule or another no matter what. All that will happen is other players will complain about how they do not like the new rule & that the old rule was better before it got changed/reviewed!
No set of rules is ever going to keep every single player happy anyway. I reckon the game is awesome in its original form & if anything, a new edition should include as much of the rules clarifications that have been posted by Krieghund, Wild Bill & others as possible. Getting rid of the national production chart in its current form & some IPC's from WWI would be fantastic additions to the game. A turn chart with the countries symbols in order with a National production chart would be fantastic(I downloaded a pdf one from another A&A site & it works a treat even showing the years & a tank symbol with when the tank comes in) And maybe some ANZACs :D (I am writing this on behalf of fellow Australian players!)
If there is a new edition, I cannot wait to buy my play copy & my mint sealed collectors copy!

Kind regards,


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