This game, measuring 35”x32” is compatible with the yet to be released Axis & Allies Europe 1940 game (coming in August 2010). This game includes newly introduced units such as mechanized infantry and tactical bombers.
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Post by Larry » Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:29 pm

It was suggested that I break off from that 80+ page thread that Calvinhobbesliker started. If you want to see what I'm talking about check out the "Balancing Pacific 1940" thread. It was getting a bit too long and confusing. Also I'm beginning to feel really good about this setup change, and think it deserves its own dedicated thread.

So here we are... A new thread totally dedicated to Scenario Alpha.... For those of you who don't know it... this setup is being considered as a replacement for the "out of the box" setup presently in use.


Larry Harris
Creator of Axis & Allies

Below is the Scenario Alpha's setup

I recommend you test this setup and give me some feed back. Let me know how you like it. What you don’t like about it. Barring any great balance issues or other unforeseen goodies, this will be the core of the new Pacific '40 recommended setup.

All the National Objectives and bonus incomes remain as they are in the present Pacific40 rule book, with the exception of the following two NOs:

Note: The UK will gain 5 IPCs for controlling Kwangtung and Malaya at the same time but only if at war.
Note: The United States will collect 5 IPCs per round for controlling the Philippines but only if at war.

Szechwan 5 Infantry and one fighter
Hunan 2 Infantry
Yunnan 4 Infantry
Kweichow 2 Infantry
Shensi 1 Infantry
Suiyuyan 2 Infantry

Malaya 1 Infantry
New South Wales - 1 Infantry, 1 Minor IC, 1 Naval Base.
New Zealand - 1 Infantry, 1 Fighter, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base.
Queensland - 2 Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 Fighter, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base.
Sea Zone 62 -1 Destroyer, 1 Transport
Sea Zone 63 – 1 Cruiser

United Kingdom (India)
Sea Zone 37 - 1 Battleship
Sea Zone 39 - 1 Destroyer, 1 Cruiser, 1 Transport
Kwangtung - 2 Infantry, 1 Naval Base
Burma - 1 Infantry, 1 Fighter
Malaya - 3 Infantry, 1 Naval Base
India - 6 Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 AA Gun, 1 Fighter, 1 Tac Bomber, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base, 1 Major IC

United States
Western US - 3 Infantry, 1 Mech Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 Tank, 1 Bomber, 1 AA Gun, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base, 1 Major IC
Hawaiian Islands - 2 Infantry, 2 fighters, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base.
Philippines - 2 Infantry, 1 fighter, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base.
Midway - 1 Airbase
Wake Island - 1 Airbase
Guam - 1 Airbase
Sea Zone 26 - 1 Sub, 1 Destroyer
Sea Zone 10 - Battleship, Cruiser, Transport, Carrier w/Tac & Ftr
Sea Zone 35 - 1 Destroyer and 1 Transport

Japan - 6 Infantry, 2 Artillery, 1 Tank, 2 Fighters, 2 Tac Bombers, 1 Bomber, 1 AA Gun, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base, 1 Major IC
Manchuria - 6 Infantry, 1 Mech Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 AA Gun, 2 Fighters, 2 Tac Bombers, 1 Bomber
Palau Island - 1 Infantry
Kiangsi - 3 Infantry, 1 Artillery
Formosa - 1 Fighter
Shantung - 2 Infantry
Kwangsi - 3 Infantry, 1 Artillery
Iwo Jima - 1 Infantry
Jehol - 2 Infantry, 1 Artillery
Caroline Islands - 1 AA gun, 1 Airbase, 1 Naval Base, 1 Infantry
Siam - 2 Infantry
Okinawa - 1 Infantry, 1 Fighter
Kiangsu - 2 Infantry, 1 Fighter, 1 Tac Bomber.
Korea - 3 Infantry
Sea Zone 6 - 1 Sub, 2 Destroyers, 2 Carriers each with 2 Tac & 2 Ftrs., 1 Cruiser, 1 Battleship, 1 Transport
Sea Zone 19 - 1 Sub, 1 Battleship, 1 Destroyer
Sea Zone 33 - 1 Destroyer, 1 Carrier w/ 1 Tac & 1 Ftrs.
Sea Zone 20 - 1 Cruiser, 1 Transport

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Post by BlueIguana » Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:54 pm

This is an after action report for a Global 40 Game we played last Saturday.
We started around 1pm and had to end around 8.

We had 7 players, 4 allies and 3 axis, and although experienced levels were different between the players, all of us have at least played some form of AA within the last year. We setup with the latest Larry Harris "Alpha" setup and rules for Global, as of Sept 10.

Germany opened with an attack on the British fleet in the North Atlantic, sinking most of the ships around Britain and the French Cruiser and Destroyer in the Med. They took losses of a few subs and 1 or 2 planes. They also moved into pro-Axis Finland. As expected, Germany attacked France and took Paris. Germany built a minor IC in Romania and a few Subs.

The Russian player bought a mixed buy and maneuvered his forces away from the Germany front and towards his main 3 cities, while consolidating Siberian troops together near the Manchurian border.

In the Pacific, Japan maneuvered into a position near the Philippines to attack Borneo, Celebes, etc and built more transports, but did not attack UK or USA. Japan did heavily attack China, the beginning of the three turn campaign against China that would take more than half the Chinese territories.

The UK and ANZAC occupied two Dutch islands. UK Europe decided against attacking the Italian fleet, because the Germany player had positioned about 6 airplanes to counter-attack in the Mediterranean and the French ships were no longer there for cover. Instead the UK player finished off a German Battleship and Cruiser off Scotland, and consolidated forces near Gibraltar. They built a transport and ground units for S. Africa.

Italy attacked southern France, took Gibraltar and Jordan. Italy built a transport to replace the one they would lose near Gibraltar.

US did a 50/50 build East/West, a build strategy it continued for all subsequent turns. It evacuated the Philippines and consolidated on the West Coast.

The next two turns (#2 and #3) saw the following happen:

On Turn 2, Germany dropped 3 TT's in the Black Sea and upgraded the IC to major. (A carrier would follow on turn 3 for protection). From Turn three on, Germany started dropping 6 units per turn into Caucuses with ground units also being built in Romania.
The Russians kept clearing caucuses and were pulling back as Germany pushed the entire border below the baltic.

Egypt was evacuated by the UK, and occupied by Italy, but UK successfully retook Jordan and Gibraltar and was reinforcing the Red Sea with ships from S. Africa and India. Italy's advance was stalled.
UK Europe did minor landings in Normandy and Norway which were rebuffed, and traded Gibraltar with the Italians, while doing mixed builds in South Africa and Britain. Britain counter attacked from Burma into Yunnan to reopen the road for China. China had a large stack in the interior, but was reeling from steady Japanese pressure.

Japan attacked the USA/UK/ANZAC in turn 3.
Russia attacked Japan in turn 3, taking Manchuria and Korea which had been abandoned by Japan the turn eariler.

Turn 4 was our final turn, after 6 hours of game play.
During this turn some interesting things happened:

Germany maneuvered into a position where, had there been a turn 5, Stalingrad would have likely fallen.
They had more units in the south than the Russians at that point.
However, the German advance was in question due to increasing pressure to the West.
UK retook Egypt, and Italy's counter attack (barely) failed. With the US at Gibraltar sinking most of the Italian's remaining fleet and Italian ground forces decimated, Rome was in peril. Britain landed in Normandy again, this time reinforced by Americans.

Japan's offensive took off. Yunnan was wiped of British troops with favorable dice as Malaysia and all of the DEI was in Japanese hands. UK Pacific was down to 3 territories and 6 IPC's. Calcutta would be in jeopardy in coming turns, if Japan could deliver enough ground troops. Japan was were now earning about 69 IPC's. 9 of those IPC's were from Russia. A Japanese counter attack retook Korea, invaded the Far East above Manchuria and pushed into the interior through central China. Few units were involved, but they were eating into Russian IPC's. Russia still held Manchuria, but was now surrounded there.

Anzac had ample ground forces, but only a small fleet. However, they did move into the Caroline Islands with a transport and couple of infantry on turn 4, setting up a possible US staging area. They had taken part of the DEI early on, but were kicked out with the Japanese offensive.

An American fleet in the Pacific had formed around Wake. With the Aussie base in Caroline Islands, a Japanese response of some type would soon be required.


Japan player felt number of fighters was impressive but also frustrating, complains of lack of infantry and/or transports at the start of the game. Still Japan finished turn 4 with income near 70 IPC's.

The German player discovered that despite extremely aggressive strategy against Russia, and daring Black Sea fleet strategy, it was difficult to take even one Russian city, much less all three.

USA seemed to have tons of IPC, for better or for worse, and when it arrived in force, was a dominant power. Frequent landings in Europe are likely from turn 5 on with USA help.

Italy blossomed without losing its fleet turn 1, taking at least one National Objective each turn, sometimes two. But when confronted with UK/USA attacks, Italy's fortunes were rapidly reversed.

New rules: tactical bombers, IPC rules, and land/sea bases seemed ok.

House rules: because we heard complaints of the USA/Norway large-factory strategy, we ruled that players could not build factories in captured territories. Large-factories, when captured, would be reduced to small-factories, but usable to the occupying power. Small-factories would be destroyed.

Overall game seemed biased towards Allies. A lot could have still happened. However, it seemed unlikely the the Axis would get to even 12 VC's. They were already being rolled back in Africa and Italy was threatened.

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Post by Larry » Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:23 pm

Thanks for this great after action report. I agree with many of the concerns you bring up

Hey listen up you crazy Norwegian ding bat…. I’m not interested in your theories. Tell me about your games (you know… After Action reports). Oh sorry… I deleted your speculation about the need for 1 or 2 UK transports. I’m dealing in facts here.

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Post by kungfujew » Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:41 am

Ikaros and I just finished our first forum game and it ended with an allied win (Japan surrendered turn 5).

Turn one began with a 3 transport buy and saw china invaded and all the navy moving south along the chinese coast towards India and the entire non carrier based airforce setting up shop in kwangsi. The US built a carrier and china countered in yunnan and consolidated it's remaining forces. The UK moved their forces to burma and sumatra, and not knowing how the Japanese would focus their initial attack bought nothing. Anzac took java and built another transport.

Turn two saw the Japanese land at guam, taking out the US fighter there, as well as capturing Phi, kwangtung, Malaya nd hammering the chinese some more. However Java repelled the invasion and the Japanese fleet spread out to protect it's new holdings and transports. The US launched a surprise attack of it's own against the new Japanese navy and some fighter that moved there and retreated out of counter attack range after a stellar first round of shooting up the very surprised Japanese. China and Japan duked it out with Japan pressing them hard but slowing down as the casualties mounted. The UK produced 4inf and art, 2mech and 2 tanks and sent their Naval and air forces against the carrier task force that had attempted to wrest Java from the aussies and set them all the davy jones locker leaving only a damaged battleship in the ocean (which was sunk buy Jap subs the next round) and all the uk/anzac planes landed in Java. Anzac took their 'no' and built more transports and ships. Turn 3 saw the Japs hit the chinese again and set off a series of invasions taking all the brit territories, save India, sumatra and B.C. and built another task force in sz6 and a major ic in mayala. The us finaly got to spend big money on a fleet, moved up their 3 new subs to hawaii nd with their successful withdrawl last turn still had the strength to hit the japs again in sz6, only this time they lso invaded korea. This battle would cost them their starting fleet (which although successful in the attack was sunk on the counterattack), but it further weakened the Jap navy. The continued the struggle against the japs and anzac built more subs and prepared a transport of inf and art to invade somthing next turn. By turn 4 Japan's war against china hadn't ground to a halt, but the tables had turned. Although the burma road had been closed last turn with burma is Japanese hands and the chinese ftr going down with british mech and armour elements and a decent chinese infntry force last turn in yunnan, no additional men other than the starting units were fighting in china so the war of attrition had taken it's inevitable toll. A fleet/airforce large enough to survive the 3 subs and a bomber that was in range of sz 6 was built and an invasion force of 4 land units for india was built in malaya. The US moved it's new fleet to Hawaii, built another one and moved the three subs to tHe carolines. China began it's main counter offensive and pushed the Japs back and the uk did more reinforcing. Anzac moved it's fleet to the carolines, and landed troops to take the air and naval bases. They built 2 more subs, moved their fighters to India and with the 5 left over from purchases sat with 29 ipcs to spend. Japan launched a last gasp attack on India and with that failing and no hope of victory at this point remaining, Emperor Ikaros, signed the unconditional surrender of Japan and boarded his time mchine to go back to turn one for a rematch.

All I can conclude is that this game was just as tense as expected, but because of the "all out" move on India from turn one, the US and anzac were free to do as they pleased. The big thing was that with some many resources going all in on the offence righto off the bat the Japs were much more suceptable to dice and while India was forced to be pretty cautious, the US and Anzac were under no such pressure. All in all a great game and seeing how it played out turn to turn, I have to still conclude that there is no serious bias to either side. Since Japan used a very aggressive plan of attack, there was a bigger immediate threat and bigger chance to win big, but there was also very little room for error and each "problem" for Japan snowballed until by turn 5 victory was completely out of reach. For a trnascript of the actual game go to the play by forum section of and look for our names. I'll come back and edit in the link when I have the chance. Ikaros still thinks there is an axis bias, so we are having a rematch and I'll post the link to that too. Hopefully he'll post the axis side of this war when he gets a chance for a fuller picture.

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Post by eric2001 » Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:17 pm

Hi Larry,

I am a long time Axis & Allies fan and first time poster. I am in the middle of my second game of Pacific using scenario alpha and I wanted to post some observations while they are fresh in my mind. I will hopefully have time to post some battle reposts later in the week.

My current game and the previous 6 are all J1 attacks that follow the same basic pattern. Japan takes the DEI and Malaya in the first few turns and builds a major IC in Malaya (got that idea from Kaufschtick) Next they polish off China and then India. At that point Japan has more income and more navy/air units than the Allies, so it is just a matter of time to take Austrailia. A funny thing happened in this game though. On the turn that Japan took India, the Allies were the ones with more navy/air units, plus they still held Java. Japan may ultimately still win, but the Allies still have a fighting chance, which is something they didn't have at a similar point in any of the previous 6 games. So, based on 1 full and 1 partial game, scenario alpha seems to do a better job of balancing J1 attack than the various combinations of 'Chinese menu' options and house rules that I tried in the other games. It feels like if I can figure out some better moves for the Allies then they can win, instead of just hoping for lucky dice against a steamroller.

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Post by kungfujew » Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:11 pm

This is the link to the rematch ... 465.0;wap2

This is the first game we played. ... 344.0;wap2

It ended with Japan conceding turn 5. Check out the moves and compare it to your game.

The first game was a J2 attack and the rematch isn't a J1 attack, but the only post is the J1 moves so I don't know if it will be a J2 or3 attack. I'll be happy to test out the changes against you on the forum, since I rarely get a chance to play against a J1 attack now.

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Post by ikaros » Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:11 pm

Kungfujew described our game already in detail, so I'll just add my thoughts. I still think Japan has quite an advantage with the Alpha setup. I decided to surrender because I decided I had made too many grave errors with Japan and since my opponent played extremely well the game became unrepresentative of what the game would be between two skilled players ;)

One error was certainly leaving Japan basically without defense and then having trouble getting enough planes and ships back to Japan to defend it on turns 3 and 4.

Not being able to take Java (by luck of dice) on turn 2 turned out to hurt Japan quite badly in the next turns.

Not having a factory on mainland until turn 3 and perhaps some tactical errors led to a severe shortage of men everywhere.

Not noticing 2nd US carrier and a bomber in range of Japan led to a sea defense that was too light and later let US take Korea.

So in the rematch, I left more planes in range of Japan on turn 1 (they are all not needed in the south anyway). I've spread my fleet a lot more (not placing it all in sz 36 like I did in the first game). This time I've also built a minor factory on the mainland as the major factory in Malaya on turn 3 in the first game was both too large and too late as I already needed a lot of cash to defend Japan.

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Post by Larry » Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:54 am

Without responding to the above postings (yet), let me say the following…
I’m beginning to see the need for an additional NO for the US in this Alpha scenario. The US should receive (and this is only in the Pacific 40 game) an immediate bonus of 40 IPCs when the US and Japan go to war.


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