How this game might look

Thanks for your input todate. Here is a collection of my thinking at this point. Please feel free to participate in this on going discussion. Your contributions are appreciated. Tell your A&A friends about this so they have a chance to voice what they want in A-A&A. I'll update the the original posting as changes and new ideas are adopted or contemplated.
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Post by Imperious leader » Sun Dec 26, 2004 4:36 pm

i dont use the battle board but i see the need with d12, plus its real easy to use it when all the units have different values ( nation specific) . Their is nothing complicated on battleboard design , just numbers 1-10 or 11 if game modifiers require this with a line drawn the middle. No pictures or icons of pieces. Look at my battle board on my site to se what i mean. Its very simple idea.
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Post by Larry » Sun Dec 26, 2004 9:36 pm

Thanks Il - I think I know how to make a battleboard.

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