To those who died while saving...

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To those who died while saving...

Post by Carico67 » Sat Jun 21, 2008 12:20 am

I would like to drop a moment of silence salute to all the warriors who went out to save a fallen comrade on the battlefield, and met their end by trying such an heroic deed. In war self-sacrifice is an everyday thing, but this particular case in point is the ultimate decision of risk and self-sacrifice I believe. It is hard to label such a fallen character as being anything but supremely noble, their loss extremely saddening.

I can only hope that the families of the fallen learned the real details, and can understand just what their loved ones tried to do for friends and country. I often feel that those who have never faced battle never fully understand, but with sincerest wishes I hope for the aforementioned 'fallen' that I am wrong.

Secondly a dedication to my grandfather, who served over 2 years in the Pacific, and was one of my 2 childhood heroes (Bruce Lee the other).

Hope this post finds everyone doing well. Chris C
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