WAR ROOM in Toronto, ON Canada

Four years in the making and still being playtested daily! I am as excited about WAR ROOM as I was back in 1984 when Axis & Allies was first released by Milton Bradley. And I was pretty excited back then, I can tell you that! WAR ROOM is chock full of totally new concepts and game systems. I'm talking about an elegant secret simultaneous movement system that you will delight in. A fascinating economic and social simulation that begins its trek in the oils fields, iron mines and rubber tree plantations of a world at war. A totally new combat system that gives you direct impact on the outcome. Now you will have to walk the fine line between the need for guns and your population’s need for butter. Failing to do so could lead to civil unrest, a collapsed economy and even massive unit desertions from your battlefields. Place this huge round World War II Polar view situation map on a lazy-susan, and construct your own War Room. Doing a Kickstarter in the Fall. Let’s do this together!
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WAR ROOM in Toronto, ON Canada

Post by Young Grasshopper » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:40 pm

I'm very happy to announce that Larry Harris Jr and Thomas Gale will be attending T6GCON this September in Toronto ON Canada. We will be holding demonstration games of Larry's new design WAR ROOM which will be streamed live on the Cliffside Bunker YouTube channel. This will also be the site of Grasshopper's G40 Invitational tournament where we have 10 Global 1940 tables running with 40 participants waging war over 3 full days for great prizes and A&A glory. If you are interested in joining the G40 tournament, or sitting at a WAR ROOM demonstration game, there are some seats left... so comment below to save your spot.

Find out more here: https://www.harrisgamedesign.com/phpBB3 ... 430#p67430
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