World War One Intelligence and Other Data

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World War One Intelligence and Other Data

Post by timerover51 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:00 pm

The following is a report of a classic trench raid against the US 1st Infantry Division in France in November of 1917. It is taken from the history of the 1st Infantry Division.
Headquarters, First Division,
American Expeditionary Forces. France,
November 6, 1917.

A raid was carried out by the enemy against the portion of one line held by Company F, 16th Infantry (ARTOIS. C.R.) about 3 :30 A.M., November 3d, 1917. 210 Germans formed the raiding party and 16 batteries of Artillery fired on the position for 50 minutes. A breach was made in the wire on each face of the salient of the position by means of 60 foot lengths of gas pipe containing explosive charges. THE (sic) raiding party entered the section held by one platoon, killed 3 soldiers and wounded two in hand to hand fighting (3 more were wounded by shell fire) and apparently carried off 12 prisoners from the front line trench. One German killed and 1 captured. The Company had taken over the sector at 10:00 P.M. that night. The artillery fire was extremely violent and accurate, the adjacent doubling and communicating trenches being either badly ••••• * or destroyed. This bulletin; will be read to the soldiers or* the command and they will be forbidden to discuss its contents with any civilians.

By command of Major General Sibert:

H. E. ELY, Colonel, General staff, Chief of Staff.

•••••* The word "damaged" is evidently omitted here. * obviously “of”.
Note that the attack occurred immediately after the Company took control of the position, indicating that the Germans were monitoring the relief of units.

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March 21, 1918 German Offensive

Post by timerover51 » Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:09 pm

I found the following documents online at the Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library website, covering the March 21 Offensive launched by the Germans in 1918. It is a translation of a report prepared by a German general for the German government after the war, and is quite interesting. In the first part, Rumania shows up as being absolutely vital to the German war effort, to a degree that I was not aware of. It also shows the supply difficulties of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Bulgaria. Basically, by the spring of 1918, both were in very bad shape.

Part 1: ... 265/rec/99

Part 2: ... 55/rec/194

Because of the number of times that Ludendorff is quoted in the report, I have been going through his memoirs. He definitely comes across as more than a bit whiny, "none of this is my fault", and more than a bit illogical at times.

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Re: World War One Intelligence and Other Data

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From Sir Ian Hamilton's Gallipoli Diary, Volume 1. Both volumes can be found on Project Gutenberg, and also on
7th April, 1915. S.S. "Arcadian." 10 p.m. D'Amade looked in to say good-bye.

On my way down to the harbour I overhauled the Assyrian Jewish Refugee Mule Corps at the Wardian Camp. Their Commander, author of that thrilling shocker, "The Man-killers of Tsavo," finds Assyrians and mules rather a mouthful and is going to tabloid bipeds and quadrupeds into "The Zion Corps." The mules look very fit; so do the Assyrians and, although I did not notice that their cohorts were gleaming with purple or gold, they may help us to those habiliments: they may, in fact, serve as ground bait to entice the big Jew journalists and bankers towards our cause; the former will lend us the colour, the latter the coin. Anyway, so far as I can, I mean to give the chosen people a chance.
The book mentioned is actually titled, "The Man-Eaters of Tsavo", also available on Project Gutenberg, as are the two books written by Lt-Col. Patterson on his service with the Jewish Corps in World War One. And they did fight in Palestine.

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