Mines and sea movement

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Mines and sea movement

Post by WILD BILL » Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:19 pm

I know this should probably be under House Rules, but what the heck it's the Holidays.

We played another game of 1914 recently with the new movement (2 space) from the tourney rules, and have to say movement is so much better then OOB. We had a newbie playing, so we didn't use the collapse rules as of yet, taking baby steps lol. We did naval bases +1 in movement for ships, and that too seemed pretty cool.

The one thing that I wasn't crazy about was having to stop in mined sz's. You get +1 in movement from a NB, but get stopped in your tracks if passing through non hostel enemy mined sz (no enemy surfaceships). I get that it might slow you down, but if your not hit (roll of 1), why can't you continue on?

I know that all movement is at the same time, but does it over complicate things to much if you set-up your moves, maybe passing through a mined sz and roll for the mines, then continue your movement if you don't get hit by a mine? I also liked how subs could move through an enemy fleet OOB, this too is lost if that sz has mines (like Austrian subs moving past Italian waters, or German subs moving past either of the UK NBs).

I could see ships getting delayed navigating though mines. Maybe they get ding up, or a sub gets caught in a submarine net.

As a house rule I was thinking about allowing all ships passage through a non hostel enemy mined sz (no enemy surface ships presents). Also allowing subs to pass though mined sz's w/enemy ships present (like OOB) with the following restrictions.

Roll a mine dice for each ship passing through such a sz (looking for 1's or 2's). If a 1 is rolled you are hit by mines and sunk (BB's still take 2 hits to sink, but can't move any further). If a 2 is rolled for a ship then you have to stop in that sz (can't pass through). You took some minor damage, or are caught in a sub net.

This would allow surface ships the chance to break out, or make attacks through non hostel mined szs with some risk (might get sunk, or stranded). It also allows subs the opportunity to move though mined hostel waters (which I liked in OOB).

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