Lack of playing pieces

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Re: Lack of playing pieces

Post by Flashman » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:33 pm

Might give it a try.

I'm sure my pal Harry Larris will put in a good word for me.

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Re: Lack of playing pieces

Post by Pioneero » Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:14 pm

They sent me additional Japanese tac. bombers for P40 (1st ed.), a missing German sub for E40 (2nd ed.) and an all-round set of pieces for A&A1914, but they refused to send me chips, so I still have more or less the same problem as everybody, but WotC won't further help me because they said "they already did".

No proof requested. Just do it and they'll send stuff to you.

BTW, anybody knows any solution for my shortage of chips that doesn't imply buying more in this or that shop? The game is expensive (I'd say overpriced) enough to need extra purchases.

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Re: Lack of playing pieces

Post by Flashman » Sat Jan 04, 2014 7:41 am

Since I use chips for all land pieces bar an infantry on top I find I have just enough by pooling all the chips from all my versions (for me its the only way to make 1914 playable).

It's annoying that the modern chips don't stack well with the old type; it might pay them to make new brand chips available in bulk in several colours.


Re: Lack of playing pieces

Post by Guest » Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:45 pm

Okay, so we can get more pieces like I did with 1940, but has anyone heard if there are plans for a re-vamped 2nd edition? I really want to buy this but it'll kill me if I do and they re-release it.

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Re: Lack of playing pieces

Post by Flashman » Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:34 pm

Larry isn't saying anything, I don't think we'll see another version this year.

Maybe 2017 to commemorate America getting its shit together.

Just gearing up for another game of this using Tournament Rules. Some quick thoughts on what I'd like in a 2nd Edition:

1. Quicker land movement is a must. The TR 2 space rule is the minimum needed to get the game moving. My personal preference remains unlimited non-combat rail movement.

2. Submarine warfare must be revised. In both World Wars the nearest Germany came to winning was through the U-boats. Who buys subs in this game?

3. Something to relieve the physical congestion on the front from Belgium to Rome. I use chips for all units bar 1 infantry per stack; something along the lines of task force/army markers might work.

4. A clearer resolution of the revolution/economic collapse mechanic. My impression is that its too easy to force the smaller powers (i.e. Italy & Turkey) into collapse simply because of their size; greater powers should be equally vulnerable if they suffer a series of setbacks (hint - casualties + morale track). Remember that Germany collapsed without a single enemy soldier on German home soil.
I also still like bringing in "red" revolutionary units.

5. Position of Paris relative to German production centre; either move Paris east, or allow German unit placement in Munich.

some minor suggestions:

Neutral countries do not have a turn. USA is always controlled by Russia player. Italy enters round 2 unless attacked.

Dogfights last a maximum of 3 rounds. All planes on one side must be eliminated to obtain AS. Promotion of fighters which score "kills".

Techs as follows: tanks (build 1916 i.e. round 3; bombers 1917; aircraft carriers 1918).

Inflation for each power starting on its own 5th turn at war.

Switzerland either 4 IPC or impassable to break up the long western front. Pripet marsh for similar effect in the east.

I won't go far into map details here, but I do think more areas in the region of Sevastopol/Caucasus is an improvement.

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Re: Lack of playing pieces

Post by jwingram » Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:33 pm

jwingram wrote: Folks over at forums are reporting that Wizards of the Coast is sending out supplemental pieces for this game, including:

* For each nation: 6 INF, 5 ART, 2 tanks, 2 fighters, 2 subs, 3 cruisers, 3 transports and 2 battleships
* 10 dark and 20 light chips of each color

I don't know if I will receive all these pieces or not, but that is what is being reported as shipped out on the other forums.

The latest post indicates that Wizards is saying 15-20 days to receive supplemental pieces, due to backlog. What I was told is two to three weeks for replacements to arrive.

I called the 800-324-6496 number for customer service on the back of the rulebook. They are also sending me a replacement for my warped board -- the upper right-hand side of the Atlantic board is warped and curling upwards, and it refuses to lie flat without something weighing a pound or more on it.
I received my replacement pieces last week -- I got two full boxes of pieces all mixed together without regard for power. I have not yet had a chance to go through them all. It does look like I got two battleships per power, but again I've been very busy for the past week and haven't sorted them all.

No replacement board was sent.


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