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Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:59 pm
by Carico67
4 More inf in UK
Remove 1 ITA tran from SZ 97
FRA turn goes AFTER ANZAC from game beginning to minimize turn transition times
SZ 98 goes to SZ 71
USA NO upgrades----Make it +25 if USA owns all of EUSA/CUSA/WUSA
**I am very worried about very long games in rated play....**
The above should strengthen ITA overall and UK vs Sea Lion
The French fleet would likely move to SZ 87 to meet up with SAF fleet if UK player chose to swing things West instead of East helping vs a GER navy which has been made overly powerful with the addition of airbases covering SZ 112 wich tactically is the best SZ on the map along with GIB and the CAR Islands...
Axis gains in power from above changes because of possible middle east NO's opening and ITA in better position to be more aggressive
Allies gain in power when USA enters the war, as it should be, forcing the issue on things...

Going to list info here in case Larry or any others are curious. The 2 players involved rank in the top 10 of pretty much all of our DB's at AAMC....

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:02 pm
by Carico67
GER (30): AC/Dest/Sub

FIN: Inf (NOR) wi
SZ 106: 2 Subs (SZ 103,117) vs Dest/Tran
SZ 109: 2 Subs (SZ 118,108) 2 Ftr + 2 TAC (WGE) vs Dest/Tran/***FTR's?***
SZ 111: Sub (SZ 124), 2 Ftr (HOL/NOR), TAC (EGE), TAC (WGE) vs BB/Dest/***Ftr??***
SZ 112: BB/Cruiser (SZ 113), Ftr + TAC (WPO/HUN) vs 2 Cruisers
FRA: 2 Inf/2 Art/3 Tanks (HOL), 3/4/1 (WGE), 2 Tanks (SGG), Bomber (EGE) vs 7/2/2/Ftr
BUL: Inf (ROM) wi
YUG: 6 Inf + 2 Art (SGG), 2 Inf + Tank (HUN), Tank (WPO), Inf + Tank (ROM) vs 5 Inf

---------Things went fairly evenly rolls wise... GER ignored RUS to build up an IPC base and Sea Control.

Balled up, waiting to see what G2 buy will be...

J1: JAPAN declares war on Russia...
26: 3 Trans, Art, Save 1
Declare War on Russia
CHA: Inf (JEH) wi
ANH: Inf (SHA) wi
AMU: Inf (MAN) wi
KWE: 2 Inf (ANH), 2 Ftr + 2 TAC (MAN) vs 2 Inf
HUN: 3 Inf/Art (KSI), Bomber (JAP), Ftr (FOR), Ftr/TAC (MAN) vs 2 Inf
YUN: 3 Inf/Art (KWA), Ftr/TAC (KSU), Bomber (JAP) vs 4 Inf
---Bomber error in allocation didn;t cost JAP, which went light fleet to CAR and Light fleet to SZ 20 to counter-strike should UK declare war...

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:46 pm
by Carico67
UK responds with.... peace in the pacific

epe: pro allies
inf f win

sum: empty
2 inf f mal via trn f 39 t 41

jav: empty
2 inf f nsw via trn f 62 t 42

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:37 pm
by Carico67
After UK went hard to SZ 81 and BB/CR to 92 they use FRA to block ITA leaving an interesting choice:
1) Take out blockers and set up GER to take out BB/CRU and land in newly taken MOR using Dest to block SZ 96.
2) Take Malta and Block SZ 96 w/Dest with riskier hits on FR fleet. Problem is BB/CR/Air taking counterstrike...
Path 1 was taken, when no reasonable 3rd path was determined.

GER followed up taking BB/CRU out and now sits dominantly in the Atlantic taking out 8 IPC's of convoy damage/rnd right now on UK. Malta will likely become a big problem soon though, and time up to join the USA who built heavily to the Atlantic side of the map, likely timing a GIB connection move.

On the GER/RUS front the lines are thickening. RUS looks good defensively, but income is about to favor GER (collected 54 round 2); but long enough to get them into position to pressure before the USA comes full wrath? Round 2 GER built 10 Inf/3 MECH/5 ART/Sub as UK's 9 Inf build dropped Sea Lion % below 40%....

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:40 pm
by Carico67
Russia balled up away from the boarder, safe in the defense after a healthy build from the extra IPC's JAP's NO gave to them.

JAP followed by taking 3 more territories in the SFE region and tranning 2 more loads in to force RUS into a withdrawal press, while hammering slowly into China. The overall IPC effect on Russia will be an interesting dynamic in the upcoming rounds as the GER swing in full blast. With the USA NO upgraded, things will have to get bloody fast for the axis to have a chance at winning.
For Japan, taking China would be a real mission at this point as too much leverage has swung North into RUS and IND has them backed fairly well, and IND and AUS are sitting soundly and safe it appears. This games future will hinge on the Europe side. Japan built 1 tran, 2 Tanks, Mech, some inf and art...

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:36 pm
by Carico67
ITA gave away both trans to Navally stregthen in the MED--- it appears the taking away of a tran was unnecessary, and has ITA fighting to hold what little it has rather than being able to press the issue. Dice coast it taking MAL (Inf/Art/Ftr vs Inf/AA.... HWOL, Ftr retreated). UK has run a campaign from SAF through the Red so far... UK Europe balled up.

GER purchased 6MECH/4Tanks/2 Inf and readied the fronts...
Not too many combats, just positional play. I think the Med changes (albeit the tran mistake) have allowed every country the opportunity to try to do something strategically at least, ITA and UK included...

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:34 pm
by Carico67
I should note, as it will make Larry happy, that the GER Bombed the naval base in EGY as it looks like the axis won;t be able to get there. I see a BIG problem with the system though***

Airbases and Naval bases SHOULD NOT be functional when damaged. Otherwise the only reawrd is a possible 4 IPC's as things cap at 6, and you only need to pay to get back to 2 damage for it to be useful. This is a BIG deterrant to the system, which could otherwise come into play more IMO.

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:19 pm
by Carico67
It's looking like GER and ITA won;t have the needed firepower (2 1-1 results in Ftr/TAC vs Dest hits costing both GER and ITA air they will need). JAP and GER delayed war with all powers until the entry point (Turn 4 w/Russia and USA got to declare at end of Turn 3) to try to slow the USA some. JAP has been very conservative and tran/troop heavy, expecting to have to amp navally soon if USA swings focus to them.

In retrospect the missing ITA tran was the biggest problem for the axis to this point; all but eliminating getting EGY and the MIddle East. Sea Lion was an option still on G2 build wise but with an all inf build from UK percentage would have been down near 40% which is better than current situation in both players opinion who are involved. With JAP committed to press from the SFE area GER turned to RUS, but having the troops to make it are unlikely as UK EUR is very healthy due to ITA's having to play full defensive in many cases. The Atlantic is going to be a sea of Green and Brown soon, the GER navy needing to roll well in defense to simply help stall the firepower of landing forces.

After GER 4 they are in EPO with: 24 Inf, 9 Mech, 10 Art, 12 Tanks and some air. 9 Inf, 2 Tanks, and 5 Mech are 1 turn behind that coming in. Russia sits with 49 Inf, 2 Mech, 17 Art, 2 Tanks and their air in BEL/SUK/BRY/RUS.

GER waiting to hit RUS to strike at Neutrals and build up and IPC structure might not have been the right choice; time will tell. Allies turn 4 report soon...