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Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:24 pm
by Carico67
It should be noted that GER has 9 Inf in KAR and BST as well. ITA has 2 Inf and 2 Tanks at fron line, with 3 inf 1 turn behind. With ITA and GER playing back to back the RUS player will need to be very carefull of a very mobile GER force...

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:55 am
by Carico67
Russia balled up in BRY and dared the GER to move 1 step closer, building Tanks and Mech in MOS to maximize a strike to either BEL/WUK.

Japan went from very inactive to full scale spread...
50: AC, 2 Dest, 2 Subs, 2 Inf
NOV: Inf (KAN) wi
TSI: Inf (SHE) wi
SOL: 2 Inf* (CAR) wi
CEL: 2 Inf (CAR) wi
JAV: Inf/Art* (KWA), 2 Cruiser Bombard, Ftr/TAC (SZ 36) vs Inf
NGU: Inf/Art* (CAR) wi
SZ 22: TAC (CAR), Tran (JAP) w/Inf/Art* (JAP) autokill tran
MAR: Inf/Art* vs Inf
GUA: Inf* (JAP) wi
BOR: Inf* (KWA) wi
KWE: Inf/Ftr/TAC (HOP) vs Inf
HKO: Inf/Tank/Ftr (KWA) vs Inf
KSI: 2 Inf/Art (HUN) vs Inf
SZ 37: Sub (SZ 38), Ftr + 2 Bombers (KWA), AC + Dest (SZ 36), Ftr/TAC (CAR) vs Cru/Dest/Tran
PHI: Ftr/TAC (SZ 33), 2 BB Bombard, Inf/Art* (JAP) vs 2 Inf

USA is very tran light in Pacific after building almost everything to the Atlantic side of the map... so trading trans and islands likely benefits the JAP right now. Although the USA sits safely off of Pearl Harbor, moving much further in is a tricky proposition as ANZAC and UK can;t clear the way for them, and only ANZAC has any ships (some subs hiding away from JAP Dest's).

Re: Slightly Altered ruleset test game notes

Posted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:40 pm
by Carico67
To make the long short... we stopped after Allied 5. GER was going to be short of firepower having way too many Naval battles go bad that turn and costing it the airforce. They weren;t good % battles for the axis, and dicey even upgraded alied results some. USA went after Atlantic fleet in SZ 112, and UK after ITA fleet.

Looking at things both players felt:
3rd ITA tran was a necessity
Moving UK MED fleet to SAF to start led to a greaat game still dynamically, and UK had plenty of options.
4 More Inf in UK made Sea Lion far less attractive tactically.
USA was a monster with the upgraded NO making them the army no axis power wanted to see enter the war, and it made JAP really hold off going after allies in the PAC to not expose GER/ITA too early.
which led to game 2...
adding an ITA inf to TOB, returning 3rd ITA tran. Otherwise same ruleset.... report will follow...