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Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:04 pm
by mantlefan
Hi all, I think this would be a good place to post ideas that you think could work in Alpha.+3, not some future prinitng of the game

To make our discussion productive, I ask that you keep ideas inside the framework of what can be compatible with a NO system that uses IPC rewards. If you want to campaign for the abolition in NO's please do that somewhere else, although I obviously can't stop you. It's pretty clear that Larry's not gonna sweep them away for Global 1940, so what are some ways we can make them better? Also, keep in mind that Alpha +.3 (or Beta) would not lend itself to map changes, so asking for reduction of sea zones or rearrangement of territories has no place here, as well as asking for new piece scuplts.
In short, this is about improving the game without making a second printing. Ideas for a second printing would go great in another thread.

Some ideas to start discussion and to keep it relevant to what might actually be changed:

Setup Changes
NO Changes (IPCs rewarded/territories/territory combinations that do reward)
Neutrality Status
Victory Conditions
and some other things, like National Advantages, rules for mech/tank combos, or pretty much anything else that wouldn't require a new printing.

Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:05 pm
by mantlefan
I do like the idea of a Sneak Attack, a la AA Pacific (the old one). I like the idea of that IF Japan attacks on their first turn, all non-chinese and non-Soviet allied units defend at 1.

At the same time, I would like to see the bonus for not provoking the US to go to 15-20 IPCs a turn.

At the same time, I would like to see the removal of 5-10 IPC's worth of US NO's if they declare war on the axis without provocation

A note for all reading this: These NO's cannot ALL benefit Japan. In fact the only way they can benefit from even two of them is with a J4 initial atack.

Additionally, the only one that need be added is the sneak attack one. It can be stipulated in one or two of the US NO's that the IPCs are only collected if the US was provoked into the war. Also, all that needs to be done for Japan's "peace" bonus is the number.

I also like the idea of Italy starting out Neutral.

Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:08 pm
by mantlefan
I also heard a great idea in another thread.

Basically it's an NO that allows that if territories A,B,C... are controlled by one side, a Strict Neutral in the area switches to be pro-one side.

The example given was if Axis controlled Syria, Trans-Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Persia, and maybe a few others at the end of a round, Turkey would become Pro-Axis. There's a few others that could apply to as well.

Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:11 pm
by Darby
I'll start with Neutrality Issues

I see a couple of ways to go here:

1: Simple Neutrality Blocks
The Strict Neutral are split into like-minded blocks that react together to any intervention , rather then every strict neutral on the board reacting. (I always thought it strange that all of Mongolia would go crazy if Argentina was invaded)

I see:
South American Block
European Block
Middle Eastern Block (includes Turkey)
Asian Block (basically Mongolia)

This method is the easiest to implement and probablly helps the Axis (but just a tad) which is all to the good.

2: Leaning strict Neutrals
This would deal with certain countries changing from Strict Neutral to Pro one side (usually the Axis) under certain conditions. (in this sense it would be sort of like a non-monetary NO)

example: If Germany holds England AND Italy has achieved 3 NOs, Spain will become pro-axis.


If Germany controls the Causcus and one Russian VC Turkey becomes Pro-Axis

etc. details to be hammered out.

Now that I think of it I don't see why these need to be "Either/ Or"
Neutral blocks could be done at the same time as some NO based specific Neurtality shifts (probably 2-3 pro-axis and 1 pro-allied )

Finally (and this may be too ambitious) Certain Neutrals could have resources worth grabbing to make it interesting. We already have this with the Mid-East Oil NOs which involve leaning neutrals.

Switzerland might have a one-time IPC bonus thanks to exploiting banking

If we were working with oil demerits (discussed in the Alpha 2 Theory crafting thread) Venzullia and Saudi might get oil production.

The more I think of it additional perks of taking Neutrals are prob. easiest addressed in the form of NOS

Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:47 am
by Eagle
This is a monstergame, purchased and played by both average players and tournament players, so the rules need to be simple easy, and the play need to be fast.

Alpha made too many NO's. They need to be cut down. And they need to be the same both in Global and Europe/Pacific standing alone.
- US got 30 IPC NO when at war. (30 in Global, 30 in Europe and 30 in Pacific)
- UK E got 5 IPC NO when controlling all home territories.
- UK P got 5 IPC NO when controling all home territories.
- ANZAC got 5 IPC NO when controlling all home territories.
This money are transfered from the Bank to the specific player.

Then we should get Lend/Lease NO's.
- China may get 5 IPC from belligerent USA when the allies control Burma Road. If Axis control it, US keep their money.
- Russia may get 10 IPC from belligerent USA when the allies control seazone 125 and Archangelsk. If Axis controlls it, US keep their money.
- UK E may get 10 IPC from belligerent USA if there are no German subs in Atlantic, excluding the Baltic, Black and Caspian Sea. If there are subs on map, then US keep their money.

The Axis NO's should be offensive and reflect war goals.
- Germany get 5 IPC NO when controlling UK. This automatically activate USA.
- Germany get 5 IPC NO when controlling Moscow. This automatically activate USA.
- Germany get 5 IPC NO when controlling oil rich Middle East and Caucasus. This automatically activate USA.

- Italy get 5 IPC NO when no allied ships are in Mediterranean Sea.

- Japan get 5 IPC NO for each of Sydney, Honolulu, Calcutta, Manilla and/or Hong Kong.
This automatically activate USA.

Then we have the Trade NO's
- German-USSR pre-war trade NO. Germany get 5 IPC from Russia each turn not at war with USSR.
- Japan- USSR non-aggression pact. Japan get 5 IPC from Russia each turn not at war with USSR.
- Japan-USA trade NO. Japan get 5 IPC from USA every turn not at war with US.

Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:55 am
by Eagle
To save time and prevent game fatigue, the turns need to be more efficient. Two players from the same side could purchase, move, combat and place units simultanesly at the same time, even if they play with separate nations and economies.

Global Game Turn order:
1) Germany
2) Russia and France purchase, move, combat and place units at the same time.
3) Japan
4) USA and China purchase, move, combat etc etc
5) Italy
6) UKE, UKP and ANZAC purchase, move, combat etc etc

I figure this will speed up the game pace.

Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:05 am
by Eagle
The True Neutrals should not be one allied block like it is in the current rulebook.
Lets face it, they are true neutrals because they did not care when other nations was attacked and occupied, so why should they act different in this game ?

Look at true neutral Sweden. In 1939 their neutral neighbours Poland, Finland and Baltic States was attacked by Russia, and Sweden did not care. In 1940 their Norwegian and Danish brothers was attacked by Nazi Germany, but Sweden did not care. Later neutral Belgium and Netherlands was attacked too, and a lot of neutrals in south Europe, but Sweden never cared, so why in Gods name should Sweden declare war on Germany if Japan attack true neutral Mongolia on the other side of the world ?
Makes no sense to me, man.

A better and more historical correct way will be to let the True Neutrals be pro-USA if the Axis attack them, and pro-Germany if the allies attack them.

Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:20 am
by Eagle
The SBR is becoming too advanced, even for this game.

The classic SBR is:
1) AA-guns fire at Bombers, and remove casualties.
2) The Bombers roll dice and remove money.

Simple and easy to do when the map is crowded with units.

The Alpha rules is more complex.
Escorts fire at interceptors, and remove casualties before they can shoot back, then bombers and interceptors fire at each others, then surviving bombers choose target facility, then AA-guns from facility fire at bombers, and at last the bombers roll dice and add +2 to the damage. This is too confusing and complex.

A simple and clean way of conducting SBR is:
1) attacking Escorts and Bombers roll dice.
2) defending Interceptors and AA-guns roll dice.
3) Remove all casualties after one round of battle.
4) Surviving Bombers/Tacs choose target and roll dice.
5) Place damage markers

If the Bomber is not enough balanced versus the Tac, dont give the bomber a +2 to the dice roll. Its better to let Bombers cost 15 IPC, move 8 spaces and roll two dice. Or let Tac's cost 12 IPC. Anything is better than cluttering up the dice with +2 add ons.

Thanks for these collective thoughts Eagle...