Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Link up A&A Pacific 1940 and Europe 1940, and you've got Axis & Allies Global 1940.
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Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Post by stefano1189 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:10 pm

Eagle wrote:The SBR is becoming too advanced, even for this game.

The classic SBR is:
1) AA-guns fire at Bombers, and remove casualties.
2) The Bombers roll dice and remove money.

Simple and easy to do when the map is crowded with units.

The Alpha rules is more complex.
Escorts fire at interceptors, and remove casualties before they can shoot back, then bombers and interceptors fire at each others, then surviving bombers choose target facility, then AA-guns from facility fire at bombers, and at last the bombers roll dice and add +2 to the damage. This is too confusing and complex.

A simple and clean way of conducting SBR is:
1) attacking Escorts and Bombers roll dice.
2) defending Interceptors and AA-guns roll dice.
3) Remove all casualties after one round of battle.
4) Surviving Bombers/Tacs choose target and roll dice.
5) Place damage markers

If the Bomber is not enough balanced versus the Tac, dont give the bomber a +2 to the dice roll. Its better to let Bombers cost 15 IPC, move 8 spaces and roll two dice. Or let Tac's cost 12 IPC. Anything is better than cluttering up the dice with +2 add ons.

Thanks for these collective thoughts Eagle...
I don't see the difficult to play the SBR.. it's more difficult to say and write than to play.

Rolls some dice for escort at 1 and kill interceptors and remove them immediately
Rolls dice at 1 for tac\sbrm and the interceptors hit at 2s. and remove casualties
Rolls the AA at 1s and remove bombers..
if bombers survives rolls dice and add+2 if targeting IC or nb\ab or don't add anything if they are tac and can't target IC.


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Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Post by Eagle » Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:48 pm

I want to change the set-up.

I want Italy to start with 3 infantry and one artillery in Romenia, in addition to the 3 german inf and tank. (This units can be taken from Germany, so the total axis units will still be the same.)

The obvious reason for this, is that Operation Barbarossa startet with 3,5 million german soldiers, and one million axis soldiers from Romania, Italy, Hungary and Slovakia. This combined axis force was staging in Romania, and attacked with the Southern Group against Bessarabia initially, then through Ukraine and with Caucasus as final objective.

I think that using Italian units this way is a nice way to reenact this historical fact.
For playability, I think some Italian infantry supported by an Italian Bomber will be an efficient can-opener.

Thank you for listening

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Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Post by The Fire Knight » Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:37 pm

If we're on the subject of Italy's set up then, balance aside (b/c i'm still testing alpha 2) but i would kind of like to see less ethiopia madness/brief rampage and more going across french north africa. Reason being that the italians were pretty much crushed in ethiopia, and, since italy didn't really have to deal with france in the west b/c it was actually vichy/germany's, i think it only makes sense to make it easier than it is now for them to capture it. Right now the army starting in Libya has to either be reinforced from tobruk or europe, and considering the british can dominate the Italians both land wise across from egypt and fleet wise with the UK1 attack, i think it's only fair if Italy can go across french north africa with the units it starts with in libya, making it to Morocco with maybe one or two guys. Again, balance aside (i still think italy can get dominated) but perhaps like -1 art in ethiopia and +1 or 2 inf in Libya?

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Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Post by Eagle » Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:59 pm

I also want the scrambling rules changed.

An Airbase should be able to scramble 3 fighters into any adjacent seazone and/or territory, during any kind of battle, and even scramble interceptors for SBR.

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Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Post by mantlefan » Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:22 pm

Good point about SBR's, they are a lot less complicated than they look.

That's an interesting idea with allowing airbases to scramble to adjacent LAND territories. I think it makes sense flavor-wise, but it might be abusable.

I also like the idea of a few italians on the Russian front.
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Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Post by Kaufschtick » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:23 am

Hmm, I don't know fellas, alpha+3 talk already?

I'll be getting in my first game of Alpha+2 this Tuesday night and Wednesday in Dayton. From our experiences with Alpha+1, the game now is pretty freakin good, +2 looks tight.

The only thing I kinda liked so far in this thread is the idea that the game as it exists now in Global Alpha+2 should be the same set ups and NOs and rules for the two half games, Pacific & Europe.

As far as the game being too labor intense, or too fatiguing, it is what it is. Lets face it, Global is a big freakin game. It should be fatiguing, and labor intense.

We find that the first few "playings" of just about any wargame to be rules intense, and can be fatiguing, but as you work through the rules, and get acclimated to the game system, that fatiguing feeling usually drops away and is replaced by that competitive "chess-like" dualing against one another that we all love as wargamers.

I can't help thinking, in seeing this thread on here, that if you've moved on to talk of an Alpha+3 already, that you haven't really taken the time to enjoy the fruits of the latest Alpha+2 set up and rules. All the Alpha set ups have been very good, and each has developed upon the previous. This set up looks to me like the best yet.

The SBR rules are just right. The NOs are not over bearing. The neutral rules are great as they are. The set up looks great, although playing it out will be the real test, but it looks fine to me. I don't see a need for a special sneak attack, the set up as we have it now will take care of that with whatever turn the Japanese decide to attack.

Unless there is some hideous flaw as to now unseen, the game has been getting more and more balanced, and looks to be more balanced than ever before.

I guess I'm just saying that lets slow down a little and look at what we have before racing on ahead in an endless dicussion of what to change next.

Give the folks that put together Alpha+2 some credit here, because this rendition af A&A looks to me like a damn fine game as it stands.
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Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Post by Gargantua » Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:16 pm

This thread should be locked immediately. Alpha + 3 should not be encouraged.

Alpha + 2 is perfect, save that Argentina is still NOT pro Axis. Thank you Larry and co.

I've played it several times, and the balance is just right, and the new Industrial Complexes and Rules REALLY add to the game play. There are so many options, so many things to do, and to do your own way, whislt still remaining balanced and exciting, any more changes will Fk it up.

And when Alpha +2 becomes official FAQ, the rule about German subs interdicting at -3 should be a STANDARD. It really adds strategic depth to the game.

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Re: Theory Crafting For Alpha.+3

Post by Detuite » Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:23 pm

seconded, I am extremely happy with the alpha+2 after playing four games of global which the axis won one of them, and other then bad dice could have been a 50 50 split.
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