Early Alpha Game Play Observations

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Re: Early Alpha Game Play Observations

Post by Kaufschtick » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:01 pm

Looks like the planets alined again....I wound up getting a string of 5 days off in a row (hard grind over the holidays; my boss's way of saying "good job"), which coincides with Tim getting his long weekend off! This could potentially mean 4 solid days of gaming in Dayton, and possibly another of our good drinking buddies being able to join as well.

We could be playing as early as 1pm-2pm tomorrow, and going all weekend until sometime Monday!

We'll be using all the current (blue text & whatever other colors turn up) rules for the Alpha+.

We might even post results as we go along this long weekend.

Glad to see the Brit bmbr gone, and I like the addition to the Kamikazie rules.

Hey... if you guys are up to it try playing with a minor Russian IC in Ukraine.
Leave the Stalingrad IC where it is. Russia should then have 4 IC total.
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