Naval strategy and wise economic moves are both critical in waging this far-flung war across an entire hemisphere. To the familiar elements from Axis & Allies, Axis & Allies: Pacific adds convoys, island air and naval bases, kamikazes, destroyers, and the Chinese army.
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Post by adlertag » Wed Dec 01, 2004 6:47 am

NAVAL COMBAT in pacific.

1.An japanese kamikaze-fighter unit (500 planes) is cruising over a US fleet. The japanese pilots looks down on them trannies , destroyers, subs or whatever. Then suddenly they pick a big battleship unit (battle-line with 6 BB's and DD escorts) as target. The japanese fighter unit kill that BB unit, and US player cant stop it.

2.An US fighter unit (500 planes) is cruising over an Japanese fleet, looking down on them BIG , FAT , somewhat juicy battleships and carriers. But, due to regulations and conduct of combat, the US fighters are only allowed to pick the cheap trannies and subs as targets.
If this is not racisme, then I am a yellow cheese.

3. A unit of battleships with long range big guns, suddenly meet an enemy tranny far at sea. Normaly, a battleship with long range big guns would finish off any smaller ships long before they come in range to return fire. But not in this strategig game. I admit, it is FUN to kill a battleship with a tranny, I just love it. And because of that, we all want to keep the rules as they are, and we dont want the battleship to roll dice in opening fire step, because then it would be impossible for MS ANNIE the tranny to surprice and sink KM BISMARCK.
Besides, there are no bismarcks in a pacific game, so I am just nonsensing.

Any waym, thank you for sharing this ideas, they should be considered to brilliant for an average audience, so please dont mail it to friends.

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Larry wrote:No lost ancient rules… The P-38 was the basic American fighter. I felt strongly that the US needed another type of fighter to be used on Carriers. A bunch of P-38’s would have been simply too ahistorical.

I had to pick and choose my “piece” battles with management. This is one where I absolutely insisted that this additional fighter was required.

If I were to do it over again. I would have used a 109 or 190 instead of the Stuka
:P Well, thank YOU Larry, for FINALLY admitting THIS! I think that you could've KEPT the 'Stuka', but also introduce the 'Dive' & 'Torpedo' Bombers into the games, especially in the smaller scale 'Pacific' and 'Europe' or the 'D-Day' ones-where applicable. I still wonder WHY you didn't just choose the P-51 or P-47 "Bubbletops" for the American Fighter pieces, but that's just ME I suppose, huh? Yes, there are EXTREME 'differences' between LAND and NAVAL Aircraft, while a Navy Flier can 'land' at an 'Army' BASE, but an 'Army' plane couldn't really 'Land' on a Carrier Deck, without the 'arrestor hook' and experience for this. ARMY Bombers DID 'take off' from a Carrier, in a 'P.R.'-Morale building event, but it wasn't 'S.O.P' for this, as you'll notice that there weren't any MORE of these performed.
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Good to see ya around dude, where ya been hiding? ~ZP
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Hey Z.P.! and ALL the others!

Post by GROGnads » Mon Dec 06, 2004 2:47 am

Well for the last '3' weeks or more, I've been recuperating from the latest FLU going 'round, and before that, I had been working on Game pieces of my OWN design for that "Fortress America Expansion #1" of 'Strafing Run Games'. I am trying to get at least '4' SETS of these created-'1' for EVERY Player that was involved in that Game. To recall these for people's 'info', there are '2' *NEW* kinds of EACH of the '5' types-and there's 128 in TOTAL for a complete SET. Count this UP:
'2' of 2-Kinds of Jet Bombers for EACH = '4' X 4 = 16
'3' of 2-Kinds of Helos = '6' X 4 = 24
'3' of 2-Kinds of Mobile Units = '6' X 4 = 24
'4' of 2-Kinds of Hover Tanks = '8' X 4 = 32
'4' of 2-Kinds of Infantry = '8' X 4 = 32

It really helps that I already had 'Futu-Tanks', 'Helos', 'Aircraft', and some 'Infantry' types. I could even have '5' kinds of 'Helos' if I wished-'2'-Transports Lt. & Hvy, and '3'-Attack: Regular, Anti-Vehicle, and Anti-Infantry and I even have what could be called metal-cast Buildings~HQs for me, a small Radar, and an Anti-Laser pieces, 'Forts'-for 'A&A' actually, Mines, additions for my "OGRE" minis Naval vessels.
Sooooo, what's everyone ELSE been up to?. :wink:
"You had to 'GO'!?! Now we ALL have to 'GO'!" BIG Joe-"Kelly's Heroes"-the MOVIE

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