A&A'42 Variant Rules for New US Marine Units

This is the new classic game of Axis & Allies. Designed for 2-5 players, the game is set in 1942 – the historical high-water mark of Axis expansion.
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A&A'42 Variant Rules for New US Marine Units

Post by Coldwarrior1984 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:16 pm

I posted this on BGG and thought I would share them here:

Historical Board Gaming and Fieldmarshall Games just came out with new Marine sculpts!

http://www.historicalboardgaming.com/HB ... eces--WW2-...

http://www.fieldmarshalgames.com/produc ... e-pieces-w...

This from Fieldmarshal Games:

The unit count is 28 pieces.

(12) Marine (w/ Rifle)

(2) Marine (w/ Flame Thrower)

(4) Sherman Flame (Tank)

(6) F4U Corsair (Fighter)

(4) LVT(A)-1

Here are some A&A'42 variant rules to use these wonderful pieces!
Marine w/Thompson ..........4 IPCs A1 D2 M1 * Special Ability

Marine w/Flame Thrower......4 IPCs A2 D1 M1 * Special Ability

Sherman Flame Tank...........6 IPCs A3 D3 M2 * Special Ability

F4U Corsair.......................11 IPCs A4 D4 M4

LVT(A)-1...........................5 IPCs A3 D2 M2 * Special Ability


Special Abilities:
Marine w/Thompson attacks at 2 for the first round (one throw of the dice) of an amphibious assault.

Marine w/Flamethrower attacks at 3 during the first round (one throw of the dice) of an amphibious assault.

Sherman Flame Tank attacks at 4 for the first round (one throw of the dice) of an amphibious assault.

LVT(A)-1 paired with Marine w/Rifle allows Marine w/Rifle to attack at 2 for the entire amphibious assault.

Balancing Factors:
Japanese infantry defend at 3 when on Pacific Islands (including Japan/Excluding Australia).

Japanese tanks defend at 2.

Marine Units may only be deployed in the Pacific Theater (Western US). Movement after initial deployment is not restricted.
Notes: Japanese tanks used riveted armor. When impacted with sufficient force, the rivets would "pop" off into the crew compartment and acted like bullets bounding around inside...much to the detriment of the crews. The F4U Corsair had an 11:1 kill ratio in combat and also delivered 70% of all the bombs dropped by fighter bombers. They could carry 4,000 lbs. of bombs. They could carry 8 x 5 inch high velocity rockets (125mm). In short, they were just an amazing aircraft and their pilots were some of the very best in the world. LVT(A)1s and LVT(A)4s had cannons (37mm and 75mm HOW respectively) and an abundance of MMGs (HMGs on early models) that gave them devastating close support capabilities for Marines conducting amphious assault. They moved at 12 mph in the water and 35 mph on land and carried troops inside. They did have thin armor, however. US Marines had 8 more weeks of infantry combat training than their Army counterparts and extensive training in amphibious assault. The also have perhaps the finest marksmanship instruction in the world. (I say all this as an Army vet). Furthermore, US Marines have a deserved reputation for tenacity and a Gung Ho esprit de corps that truly made (and make) them special. Japanese Infantry, for their part, were fanatically loyal, masters of camoflage, masters of night infiltration, and often well dug in to caves and/or tunnel networks with spider holes. They also utilized snipers with great effectiveness. All in all, the diminutive Japanese soldier was one tough enemy. So, these are the things I was taking into consideration when making these variant rules up. I have tried to offer unique capabilites that mirrored historic reality while also trying to maintain game balance. Each unit has trade-offs. They cost more, but have slightly better combat factors...at least initially. I'm sure there are things that I missed or failed to consider and someone may come up with even better rules. I offer these for you consideration and ammusement. I hope you have fun with this wonderful game and if you like, use these rules to give it just a little different flavor. Enjoy!

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