Neutrals (and how to influence them)

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Neutrals (and how to influence them)

Post by ChristophfromGermany » Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:44 am

Hi everyone,

we have come up with an interesting House Rule to integrate the political dimension of warfare in WWII.

Neutrals are neutral – until either the Axis or the Western Allies gain a certain income level. Then they can roll a dice and get a 50:50 chance to draw Spain and Sweden (Axis) or Saudi Arabia (UK) into the war. Turkey can be influenced by both sides if they control the major part of its neighboring territories - that is the only way to open up the Dardanelles for passage. All other neutrals cannot be dragged into the war and are impassable.

Neutrals bring a one-time bonus income as well as some infantry. Spain, Sweden and Turkey have also one artillery, destroyer and transport each. And they produce one infantry per turn on their territory.

Just like the NOs this gives another incentive for alternative strategies. Especially for Germany and Italy it is a viable strategy to try and influence Turkey (which would be controlled by Italy). All three Axis powers must have 81 IPC income (without bonuses) and control four of these five territories: Balkans, Bulgaria-Romania, Caucasus, Transjordan and Egypt. The Allies also need four of these five territories and a combined income of 95 IPC.

Whichever side controls Turkey may also use the passage to the Black Sea.

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