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Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 8:06 am
by Sabre Von Manteuffel

I'm still in Germany because I'm stationed here. :D I did OIF1, the Iraq invasion, and my 365 days boot-on-ground ended right as the insurgency craziness took over. I'm also AGR (full-time Reserve), so I am assigned to a US Army Reserve unit here, and have been in Germany since 1998. I actually finally leave for States in March 07, but I am trying to get permission to do a temporary switch and train up for a Civil Affairs tour in Iraq in near future.

Eastern Front: of course we did it right--or rather, we learned to adapt and develop combined arms faster and better than the Russians. But more accurate is the Russians just did it wrong--as their military doctrine dictated from the birth of Russia until the end of WW2, it was always Bayonet before Bullets, and then mass firepower (typically artillery) plus mass manpower + communistic fanaticism = victory. My real point as a game of pushing plastic units around, throwing a few dozen dice into a box and laughing at your opponent goes, the slugfest of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia 20 year olds, plays out with more possible end results on both strategic and tactical (if smaller scale battles are focus) than on the johhny-come-lately carpet bomb, combined arms warped ratio assault that Cobra was against an enemy all but defeated.

Again, not taking anything away form our achievements, despite our superiority in method or tools, we still lost many comrades in arms. But I just remember in school Russia's role being a footnote to the defeat of Germany.

And you no doubt hit the nail on the head about the hatred involved. Hitler even tried to extend his world conquest dreams to the Sealion never really was considered anywawy while the "slavs of Eastern Europe were still around."

If I can get picked up on another Iraq tour, I will make sure all you guys know about it.


Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 8:17 pm
by Larry
Reading your message carried me back to when I lived in that part of the world.
That was a long time ago. Back in the 60s actually.
I lived in Iran for 3 years. I remember the amazing sunsets. The smells and barreness of the landscape. I enjoyed Iran. I liked the people as well. I hope things there work themselves out.

Thanks for you service SVM.

I believe deeply in your message:
If you can read this, thank a teacher.
If you are reading it in English, thank an American Veteran!

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 3:56 pm
by Gen. Alexander Patch
Hey Larry, does my vote still count? Anyway I'd like to see a German campaign in France where they breached the Maginot Wall through the Ardennes. I really like walls and static warfare, so please add a section of the Maginot to the map (if you make the game, that is). And also are you adding forts to BoB? I'd love to see forts with barbed wires and HMGs.

You will submit to our requests.... *waves hand Kenobi-style*

Now that the Battle of the Bulge is coming in three weeks...

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 10:12 am
by ChristophfromGermany
.... the question of which battle comes next is all the more important. Well, of course after having fought some rounds of BoB first.

One and a half years ago Larry mentioned Guadalcanal / Solomon Islands as a possible game, once BoB has been realised.

Well, somehow I still stick to my vote and would like to get a Stalingrad game. I even organized some maps and tried to figure out the objectives, the Players of Germany and Russia should achieve. Germany must conquer three crucial areas in Stalingrad: the Center, Red October Factory in the north and the huge Silo in the South. Russians must fend off Germany until winter and then either liberate the town or conquer three areas to encircle the Germans (Golubinski, Kalatsh and Vorvorovka) until January 43.
Time is crucial: there could be 12 turns from August 42 to January 43, one turn = 14 days, winter starts in turn 7. Russians can cross the Volga during summer only in certain areas and in limited numbers to reinforce the center of the town (reinforcements are subject to Luftwafffe interdiction),once the winter comes, russian units could flood the game board over the frozen river. So Germany must conquer the town before the end of 42, after that, it will be the task of the Russian player to encircle Stalingrad and knock out the defenders, before Hoth and his tanks can try and break the siege. So Germany starts with many troops and gets few reinforcements while Russia starts weak on the game board and gets more reinforcements, the longer the game lasts. Downtown areas are impassable for tanks, artilery can fire into neighbouring spaces etc. Once you start thinking on it, there are plenty of ideas to make this game as good as D-Day or the oncoming BoB. A new piece could be the Katjusha Rocket for Russia as an attack unit on the reinforcement chart.

Just a few thoughts I wanted to share...


Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:01 pm
by Imperious leader
Lets say the idea is a go. If you were in charge what other pieces would you include in the game?

Additional pieces for A&A Stalingrad

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 1:36 pm
by ChristophfromGermany
Hello Imperious Leader,

as I also follow the forum at I know that you are one of the lucky owners of a Deluxe game of that giant game. As I´vé got so many pieces already at hand, I just bought the map and I am quite happy with that.

Sorry that I didn´t reply earlier, I had to liberate France (just played a D-Day game with my 9-year-old son 8) and took St. Lô in the last possible moment (Axis attack during round 9).

Now to your question:
I would add the long awaited German Tigers (even though I have ten pewter Tigers at hand for my WW2Wargame and A&A D-Day (I use them as SS Panzer, you need exactly ten of them and 13 Panthers to cover the German tanks :lol: )
Those Tigers would be mainly on the reinforcement chart (Panzergruppe Hoth had some Tigers during Operation Wintersturm (winter blizzard), when they tried to break the siege around Stalingrad. Source:
I would give the Germans three zones for reinforcements, so the Russian player doesn´t know where the Germans will try to break the siege.
And of course I would see those lovely ME 109s again, because BoB will give just three per copy (at least that is what they show on one of the pictures of the oncoming game).
Two new units – Katjushas and Tigers – would be enough, I think, to cover this decisive battle.

But still I am pretty sure that after to battles of the European theatre of war (D-Day and BoB) there is a strong argument for covering a battle in the Pacific next. But I don´t know how to simulate the american advantage of reading the japanese messages during Midway and after all, Midway was a battle of a few important hours. Guadalcanal however was a campaign of several months and more balanced (if you take a look at the units that fought on both sides). The chance of Midway to happen again and again is just non-existant.

Of course I am more than curious to know what Larry Harris himself is thinking about a next game. But whatever he will do next, I will get a copy of it.

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 3:18 pm
by Imperious leader
Id add halftracks for germany and heavy artillery to that list.

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 3:32 am
by ChristophfromGermany
Well, halftracks are a good idea to cover the fast German advance against Stalingrad in August/September 42 without giving them too many tanks, as tanks were quite useless in the dogfight that ensued within the citiy walls. Perhaps those halftracks get that special capability of giving infantry a free ride over two zones in a 1:1 ratio just like in WW2 The Struggle for Europe and Asia. They introduced that special capability for Russian tanks, while US infantry may move two spaces right away.
Heavy artillery IMHO would make things too complicated for a commercial game without gaining much. But of course I can understand a piece junkie like you, because I am a piece addict too.
But honestly – more than two new pieces are unrealistic for a new game I guess, and Tigers (or Panzer IV) are a must, as Panthers were not available during the Battle of Stalingrad, and Katjushas would be the best choice for Russia.
But that´s all wishful thinking. Larry, can you hear us