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Infantry Recruitment

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 7:44 pm
by Flashman
I'm putting together a list of potential infantry recruitment areas in which purchased infantry can be placed without the need for an Industrial Complex. Any additional suggestion welcome.

One infantry only to be placed by the controlling power as follows:
(Using AAR map with separate Italy/Southern Europe)

Australia (UK)
New Zealand (UK)
Eastern Canada (UK)
Western Canada (UK)
Trans-Jordan(Germany/Italy-Arab Legion)
Persia (Germany/Italy) (Japan)
India (UK), (Japan-INA)
French E.A. (UK-Nigerians)
Italian E.A (Italy-Ethiopeans)
South Africa (UK), (Germany/Italy)

Western US (Japanese-Americans)
Central US (USA), (German-Americans)
Eastern US (Italian-Americans)
Brazil (US)
Singkiang (US-Chinese)
China (US-Chinese)

ANY red territory (USSR), (Germany/Italy-anti-Communists)

Phillipines (USA)
Kwangtung (US-Chinese)
Manchuria (Japan-Koreans)

Western Europe (Germany-French Legion), (UK/USA)
Norway (Germany-Finns)
Italy (UK/USA)
Southern Europe (UK/USA-Chetniks), (USSR-Communists), (Italy-Ustachi), (Germany-Bosnians)
Balkans (Germany/Italy-Romanians), (USSR-Bulgarians)
Eastern Europe (USSR-Poles), (UK-Poles), (Germany-Balts)
Ukraine (USSR), (Germany/Italy-anti-Communists)
Belarus (USSR), (Germany-anti-Communists)
West Russia (USSR)
Libya (Italy)

Eire (Germany/Italy-IRA)
Spain (Germany/Italy-Blue Division)* May be recruited without occupation?
Turkey (Germany/Italy)
Argentina (Italy)

It would be convenient to print small icons on the board to indicate these possible infantry placements.