We've talked about Advanced A&A... Now I'd like to hear your comments on what YOU envision a DELUXE A&A GAME to be. What would it look like.
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Post by newpaintbrush » Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:16 am

Re: Pricing on a Deluxe Edition:

If the new edition offers a new tournament standard ruleset, but does NOT introduce any new pieces or changes to the map, then I anticipate that I would probably NOT buy the Deluxe Edition (BUT SEE NOTE AT END). I would just download the rules from the website.


If the new edition DOES offer new unit pieces (like trucks), or has map changes, if that edition was going to be the tournament standard for the next ten years or so, I would buy it.

As you may guess, the thing I'm really looking for is a sanctioned tournament board that isn't going to change over the next ten years or so. Sanctioned tournament board, because if it's officially sanctioned, that particular format will be more popular at tournaments AND easier to set up tournaments for (because it's official!) Ten years without change, because frankly, it's a pain in the ass writing long strategy articles, and if the board or rules got changed on a regular basis, all that work would go to waste. If I anticipated that Axis and Allies would keep getting changed, I would probably buy NO boards. If I anticipated that Axis and Allies wouldn't change a lot (except for website-available rules errata), I would both buy, and encourage others to buy, the board game.



I mentioned that if the ONLY change in the Deluxe Edition were the ruleset, I would probably not buy a new set. But I have to say that I WOULD buy a new set, and shell out more money for it, even if the ruleset were the only thing changed if the quality were increased.

Axis and Allies Revised is already of very good quality IMHO. A few things to consider for the Deluxe edition:

A. Nice rulebook with examples. EXAMPLES OF EVERYTHING. Like, Japan makes an AA gun, and US captures it, then the US captures a gray (German) territory and moves that AA gun there, then Germany liberates that territory. WHAT HAPPENS? My head explodes!

B. Tech cards &c &c with faded markings, so you can tell what techs you have. Not the whole thing faded, just the country markers. As per a certain Norwegian.

C. Maybe some new rules. Very probably some new rules. New NAs for sure.

D. More chips, for god's sake. Every edition of Axis and Allies has always been short on chips; the Deluxe version shouldn't be. And enough units. I kept running out of chips and Japanese infantry for the Revised edition (after putting infantry on each island, and moving infantry into Asia, there were like, negative four infantry). Also, I think I kept running short of US transports. I forget, I got more pieces.

E. Possibly a bigger board. Revised is far superior to Classic in terms of what can be fit on where. There are also marshalling cards, which are a nice touch. But having to refer to marshalling cards really breaks the flow and concentration on the game. It would be nice if perhaps the board were bigger. I could suggest distorting the territories and proportions more, but they're quite distorted enough . . . (please note that I think that the disproportionate proportions was a GOOD move, even a GREAT move; it's just not quite enough).


For a tournament-standard board good for ten or so years, with a good and comprehensive ruleset, if the board were changed, and new units (cruisers, trucks, whatever) introduced, probably around $75ish. I'd feel sad about having to chuck my old board. If just new units were introduced, I'd probably wait until I could order the new units separately. (Maybe a conversion kit would be offered for sale through customer service)

If there were a big ass laminated (basically, coffee-proof) board, lots of chips, plenty of pieces, plastic money (maybe even hard plastic rectangles, or hard plastic poker-like chips), I can see $90, maybe $120 for that. Other guys want special country-specific pieces and cool dice. That's a bonus, but I'd shell out $90 just not to have to use those cursed marshalling cards (i.e. bigger board), and so I wouldn't have to look at wrinkled industrial production certificates. (Note that lamination would be really nice . . . no more worries about coffee stains. Or schnapps stains. Or whatever.)

I didn't buy the all-resin version of Settlers of Catan. What was that, $450 or so? I like playing Catan, but not that much. :p


End note: Tournament-sanctioned ruleset, standardized board and pieces for the next ten or so years. That's what I really want. Even if the board is bigger, and all sorts of country-specific stuff released, and plastic money, and all the cool cosmetic stuff - even at $45, I wouldn't go for it without a tournament-sanctioned ruleset. That is, I would NOT buy.

Now - tournament sanctioned ruleset AND all that big cool stuff? Big board, plastic money, yadda yadda really good lookin stuff? $90 for sure, yeah. $120 if the stuff was REALLY hot. Like :shock: good. (The stuff is already pretty good, like :D good, but I mean like :shock: :shock: you know)

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Post by Flashman » Sat Mar 17, 2007 5:00 am

One way of reducing costs is something I've been going on about for a while - new A&A games should be sold as expansions rather than stand alone games, thus reducing the need to include yet more stacks of German infantry, Soviet Battleships and paper money, of which all commited A&A players already have more than enough.

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Post by Larry » Sat Mar 17, 2007 11:49 am

Thanks, excellent comments.
Comments noted

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Post by ArmchairGeneral » Tue Mar 20, 2007 8:11 am

The Price depends on what you get. If it isn't somehow compatible with people who use caspiansub it is worth less (this is for tournaments), if it dosen't fix disparity in worth of national advantages, it is worth less. The curent Naval cannonfodder needs to be fixed,if not it is worth less (an optional rule is ok), if it has 2 different boards on each side it is worth considerably more, if it has 50% more units that are compatible with AAR it is worth more (this means new units and/or having all the nations having all the same number of each type of unit it is worth more (this is especially useful when playing various every nation for itself games),(what I've read about what this game would be like is worth about $50 maybe less. With no changes except to quality of pieces and map and optional rules, provided that the units are compatable with previous editions, and a map on only 1 side it would be worth maybe $70 (It is then a true Deluxe edition and not a new game with very little improvements (usally only worth something to a much more restricted audience.)) I would by a Delux game. I would be buying the current version for the map and pieces (worth less especially if the pieces/non-optional rules are not compatable).

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Post by Larry » Tue Mar 20, 2007 10:27 am

Thanks for you comments ArmchairGeneral - always appreciated

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Post by pdubarry » Thu Mar 29, 2007 12:04 am

PLEASE do not give in to endless "expansion" packs. We aren't playing Heroscape after all! Give me what I need in one box for one price (<$80).

What I need for Deluxe:
1. Bigger map (with possibly a few more territories).
2. MAYBE extra unit types and/or countries (limited).
3. Storage solution.

What I DON'T need:
1. Different/better unit sculpts (the current ones are excellent).
2. Charts and money (although the poker chip money idea was good).
3. Luxury wood and gold plating.

Thanks for listening... You rock!

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Post by Larry » Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:04 am

pdubarry - hear you buddy

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Post by Flying Tiger » Thu Mar 29, 2007 12:12 pm

My vote would be for expansion packs.

1. Bigger map with a few new territories(3 chinese territories, Norway/Finland, France broken up into west and east). Add in Soviet specific units.
2. Bigger map with some sort of 1939 setup.
3. expansion pack which includes Cruisers, naval planes(my preference or mech infantry) new rule book.
4 Options are endless and you could charge $19.99 per pack and probably make more money on it rather than 1 big deluxe edition.
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