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We've talked about Advanced A&A... Now I'd like to hear your comments on what YOU envision a DELUXE A&A GAME to be. What would it look like.
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Post by Imperious leader » Thu Sep 13, 2007 2:18 am

48"x36" is minimum. Any smaller and you accomplish nothing.
exactly... their no point in a delux game if the freekin AH people are going to be cardboard mizers and make yet another micro map for $75.00. The people who play in tournaments always prefer a map thats at least 3x4 feet.

The people who made: "The wargame:world war two" got 500 pieces and a 6 x 3 foot map and its all cardboard...for $100.00 thus Avalon hill can take notice and stop ripping people off and cry about "expensive molds"
We really need an Axis and Allies World War one game so i can play that on August 1st, 2014.

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Roll-up Board Size

Post by dinosaur » Fri Oct 05, 2007 8:24 pm

I agree that a large roll-up board is a plus. However, I would like AH to offer it online even if they can't find it in their hearts to put it in the box. When choosing a board size, I believe it would have to be larger that 36 x 48 if you want China in the middle and show the Pacific its proper size. The board may have to be 36 x 60 in that case. I also like having the Pacific larger and with more zones.

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Re: Game board:

Post by MEGAEINSTEIN » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:02 pm

Master Harris, this is the second time i write in your forum.

Map should:
1 wrap around.
2 should shine (like Guadalcanal)
3 with no folds (check Fantasy Flight Game Dust - the board is mounted like a puzzle and you can see no folds and it really sticks together)
4 water is 75 % of the Earth surface Atlantic should be larger and should include Azores islands with a naval and air base
5 mongolia should have no armies and no ipc value but with umpassable mountains in the north betwween Mongolia and SU territories. could be invaded without violating neutrality in the rest of the world

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