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Re: Items for sale

Post by pellulo » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:45 am

Hi, have this game Axis & Allies Europe 1940, used it for a round xxxxx study, the game has been played allot, but, generally in good shape. The parts are:two part gameboard, top & bottom of game box(areas retaped to help prevent chafting of cardboard, no corners are split!), each nation has a parts box(except France & U.S.A. share the same box), rules for 1st. or 2nd. version you have to get on the net, dice only 2 black & 3 red(only half), gray tokens 36/60 and red 5/10 and no green, 2-D cardboard of factories worth 10 IPCs & 3 IPCs total 14/22, A.A. guns 6/12, air base 10/14, sea base 10/16, roundels of nations all have eight(except France has five).

Plastic parts list: Germany 20/40 infantry, 4/8 guns, mech. infantry 4/8, tanks 5/12, fighters 4/8, Tactical Bomber 3/6, bombers 2/4, aircraft carrier 1/2, battleship 1/2, cruiser 2/4, transports 3/6, destroyers 3/6, &, submarines 3/6.

Italy 10 infantry, 4 guns, 3 mech. infantry, 6 tanks, 4 fighters, 3 T.B., 3 bombers(one bomber from another A&A game), A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 2, &, three of transports, DD, &, subs.(two were painted black)

U.S.S.R. 20 infantry, 4 guns, 5 mech. infantry, 5 tanks, 5 fighters(one fighter from another A&A game), 5 T.B., 2 bombers(one from another A&A game), A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 1, &, two of transports, DD, &, subs.

U.S.A. 20 infantry(10 are generic HO green soldiers), 3 guns, 7 mech. infantry, 3 tanks, 4 fighters, 3 T.B., 2 bombers, A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 2, &, three of transports, DD, &, subs.

British Empire 20 infantry(ten troops from another A&A game), 3 guns, 6 mech. infantry, 4 tanks, 4 fighters, 3 T.B., 2 bombers, A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 2, &, three of transports, DD, &, subs.

French Empire 15 infantry(five are generic HO size troops), 4 guns, 3 mech. infantry, 5 tanks, 4 fighters, T.B. 3, bomber 1, A.C. 1, BB 1, Cruiser 2(one from another A & A game), &, two of transports, DD, &, subs.

Finally Casualty Zone Strip, Attak/Defense Board(with copy of combine arms taped behind it), and, National Production(IPCs Chart).

This used set can be played with the plastic miniatures included, you need to use the chips to supplement your forces, all sales Final, sold AS IS. P&H is USPS Parcel Post flat $17.50 for only lower 48 states & P.R. & V.I. Contact for price, thanks

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Re: Items for sale

Post by blacklodge » Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:21 am

Is it a possibility of a Disney tie in, for the remake of Broadsides & Boarding Parties Game!? Definitely gotta get that Johnny Depp Captain Figure, thanks, Pellulo
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Re: Items for sale

Post by blacklodge » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:37 pm

Hi, this for Axis and Allies 1914 game, played numerous times, but, treated gently, and, still in good shape. Used for a review of different powers versus another set of different powers. This game includes seven European Empires and U.S.A. Republic for W.W.I, 1914-18.

The game included:
W.W.I unpunched roundels of all powers 11/15,
Box that holds 50 light blue chips and 10 dark blue chips, &, 50 light red and dark red 20,
Eight sets of different armed forces, with miniatures for 12 Infantry, 10 cannons, 4 tanks, 4 fighters, 6 transports, 4 submarines, 5 cruisers, and, 4 Battleships. Only the Infantry minis are different from the other Infantry minis. Note: British have only 3 subs., and, Russia short a gun,
Nationality parts box for A.H. Empire, Russia, Germany, France, British Empire, Ottoman Empire, Italian Empire, and, U.S. Republic,
Red, and, two black and white dice,
Instruction booklet fair shape,

Unofficial parts of up to fiftheen 2-D Guild of Blades generic infantry, cannons, fighters, transports, destroyers(used as Cruisers), and, Battleships(along with rounders from old Axis & Allies Games). Many of the 2-D cardboard are taped over & initial of what nation they belong too. Also with two picture rondels of Cruisers.

Also Battleship the Game ships & subs., Axis & Allies W.W. II tanks, guns, infantry, fighters, submarine, transports, (from old A&A Games), 1/72 scale generic infantry, chips that are red and white.

Game sold whole or in parts, thanks, Pellulo

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Re: Items for sale

Post by blacklodge » Tue May 08, 2018 6:10 pm

Hi, this game Axis & Allies Europe 1940, is part of the Global Game System.

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Re: Items for sale

Post by suit » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:11 pm

Axis & Allies 1914 Game is the last in the series of A&A games(not counting the Science-Fiction series), thanks, Pellulo
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Re: Items for sale

Post by suit » Sat Mar 02, 2019 3:42 pm

Hi will try to condense the listings on one entry!

The first game:
Also another A.& A. related game, Mid-East Combat, takes place in the 1980's. You will NEED Axis and Allies units & Fortress America units to play it. Made by Tactics Unlimited, has a large soft board, setup cards, instructions, fast pace, interesting to play(Iraq & USSR vs. Egypt & Saudi Arabia, Iran, & Turkey). On a more modern spin, change USSR to Russia, and, switch Iran and Iraq around as Allies.

The second game: is from a popular series from Russia, I played the Zvezda Core game(condensing the rules and throwing in some house rules, quite enjoyable). This particular series of W.W.II games does NOT incorporate the Borg Command and Colours rules:
Battle for the Danube New and still Shrink Wrapped

World War II Wargame Expansion Set for Operation Barbarossa 1941, a tactical-level wargame with a unique simultaneous-order mechanic. This expansion includes scenarios for early-war action along the southern Russian front, and includes rules for Romanian and Soviet border guard units. Includes 11 kits (units) from the Art of Tactic range, bases, board game, cards, dice, new scenarios, and rule book. Models in the game are typically 1/72 scale (infantry), 1/100 scale (most vehicles, except the trains and boats in this set), or 1/144 scale (aircraft).
Battle for the Danube’s HQ operations now offer new objectives and more control over units.

2 Romanian Infantry
1 German Headquarters
1 Soviet Headquarters
2 Soviet Border Guards
1 Soviet Armoured Train
2 Trains
2 Soviet Armoured Boats
3 double sided game boards
15 double sided terrain hexes
6 elevation hexes
11 unit cards
2 store cards
1 turn card
10 dice
8 smoke markers
2 fire markers
2 water based markers
Game Rules

The third game is: the New Zvezda Battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943.

Hi this is for, W.W. II: Stalingrad 1942-43, part of the "Art of Tactic" game line, allows you to recreate this battle. It can be played on its own or combined with any of the other titles of the series of The Eastern Front. Game has ALL of the models needed to play the scenarios, but, you can supplement with extra World War II mini kits in Zvezda's product line to build up your forces. This game has 30 miniatures, 2 Tanks models, 10 dice, rule book. Snap fit no glue required. painting optional.

Product Description: Soviet Infantry 1941-1942 in Winter uniforms; German Infantry in Winter Uniforms 1941-1945; German 81-MM Mortar with Crew; Soviet Anti-Tank Gun Zis-3 with crew; Soviet Anti-Tank Team 1941-1973; German General Staff in Winter Uniform; German Medium Tank Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F2; Soviet General Staff in Winter Uniform; Soviet medium Tank T-34; German Anti-Tank Gun PaK-40 with crew all with weapons and equipment, unit base's with cards and flags, turn cards, additional cards, terrain tiles, game boards, (2) water based markers and dice. Game rules book and Scenario book.

The Battle of Stalingrad August 23, 1942 to February 2 1943 was a major battle of in which Nazi Germany and Italian forces were practically destroyed in the Axis southern front. Marked by constant close quarters combat and direct assaults on both military and civilians in Stalingrad, it is often regarded as the single largest and bloodiest battle on the Eastern Front. The city became a tomb for the German 6th. Army & Italian Forces.

-This game is on hold for now-
Plus USED Operation Barbarossa 1941 game by Zvezda, good condition, original Eastern Front core game, an invasion in 1941 that was suppose to make the world "hold its breath". A game with tons of parts, play it by itself, or, use it to supplement the above game. Operation Barbarossa 1941, the figures & vehicles are about 1/72 scale & smaller, the units include: 5 single GE. troops on five bases & five on one large base, 2 snapper on two large bases & 2 single standing on one base each, mg.(needs glue)& mortar crews, H.Q. four troops with flag, truck, light & medium tank(PZW. Mark II-III) ,&, Stuka dive bomber(prop. must be glued on & short one wheel) & stand. Five flags and three for vehicles. Four single Soviet troops on four bases, 2 larger bases with three troopers on each one, mg.(needs glue)& mortar crews, H.Q. troops & flag, truck, A.A. & A.T.guns, &, T-34 medium tank, six flags & two for vehicles. Four round bases and flags stands, uncut decal sheet, two cotton wipes, &, extra 7 German and 6 Soviet trooper stands. Plus: Bunker, 3 barbed wire, one X shaped AT obstacle, two pontoon bridges, &, ten trenches. Six double sided playing board parts numbered, 30 terrain hexes(each side different) & cardboard holders they came in, 6 terrain height hexes(made of plastic), 22 game plastic coated cards(17 are units, 1 turn card, 2 mines & 2 grouping cards), language sheet, rules of the game booklet, 1-8 general scenarios booklet(9-10 from act of tactics site photocopy, theses two were written on), 2 felt pens ,and, about eight dice in red and white.

The units are already built(assemble sheet included),snap together, but, some units are held together by white glue/need to be re-glued(Elmer). Can also use plastic hobby glue. The troops can be place one-five on a large base, or, one on a smaller base. Unlike other games were units are just given to you, only some are, you chose the rest as you feel fit, to fill out the battle board. Most plastic parts are in 4 small plastic tubs, that I added.

Each game can be played by itself, Barbarossa is the first of the series, while Stalingrad is the latest(Blitzkrieg, Romanian & Russian forces border clashes during the opening of Barbarossa, &, Tank Battle-a learning game-, are the other games). Thanks for looking.

The fourth game is the original Civil War Game produced by Avalon Hill:
Have for parts or whole AH Gettysburg 1964 edition, game and all parts do show age(hey it is more than fifty years old). Has cover & bottom box(corners taped over), game board has tape on blue nonplaying side; two blue holding trays.

Also instruction booklet, blue & gray charts, battle type chart, and, counters for HQ, troops, cannon, cavalry(that you put out via a cardboard reinforcement chart, only about 68 counter total for game).

Charts are intact, not torn or folded, with some pencil markings on one only & some of it erase, all counters have on their nonplaying side numbers written on them. Thanks.

The fifth game: is a twist on the old Battleship game, mostly using submarines to sink the enemy fleet (yes you can house rule it, where the opposing fleets, still shoot at each other):
Hi, have for parts or whole: This is Milton Bradley 1973 Sub Search, a more advance Battle ship type game, with a more emphasize on fleets versus submarine combat. The two fleets themselves never battle each other, just the enemy submarines.

The box shows age(from the early seventies), upper box has a left hand corner depress, &, three corners had to be taped, has a inner extra walls to give the box height, inner bottom box has one corner taped. The game is complete sans instructions (got that off the web & made a copy of it), some of the cardboard inner grids shows age(humidity/water damage), but, all parts especially plastic are there, the ships & subs still look quite shiny & new like.

Game Contents: Play Instructions booklet(copy off the internet), assemble looking at the cover picture, Plastic Base, Spinner, Center Wall board, 2 Side Wall boards, Top board, 6 Plotting Grids, Two of 100 & 200 & 300 Plotting Grids, 3 Red & Yellow Subs., 3 Red & Yellow Flags, 1 Red & Yellow Mine, 3 Red & Yellow Surface Ships(a Cruiser & Destroyer & Patrol Boat type ships) of 4-3-2 holes, about 50 Red Pegs & 200 White Pegs.

The game box is big, with a close fitting box for shipment around it. Also the game is Heavy. The game has a W.W. II type theme to it, happy hunting!

Any interest in the games or for parts, let me know, if it could be sold/traded, thanks!

The sixth game: is the first edition 2009, new still shrink wrapped of Axis and Allies 1940 Pacific:
Axis & Allies celebrates 25 years of strategy war gaming with a deluxe edition of its original theater-level game. Axis & Allies Pacific 1940, designed and developed by Larry Harris, utilizes the updated rules established in A&A Anniversary Edition. Two new combat units debut in this game, Tactical Bombers and Mechanized Infantry. Australia and New Zealand, joined together as the ANZAC forces, represent a new playable ally. China fields more forces than ever before, but will need help from their allies -- the United States and England -- to withstand the might of expansionist Imperial Japan.

Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 features an oversized board that measures 35 inches wide by 32 inches high (89 x 81 cm). With over 450 pieces, deluxe game components and local storage boxes, this game raises the standard established by A&A Anniversary Edition. All new rules for neutral nations, naval & air bases, kamikaze attacks and convoy disruption add even more depth and historical accuracy to this giant game.

Finally, this deluxe theater-level game is designed to join together with Axis & Allies Europe 1940 to create the greatest Axis & Allies experience to date! When joined, these boards will measure 5 feet wide by 32 inches high (178 x 81 cm). Both games have been designed to play alone or together to offer a 2-6 player global 1940 scenario, complete with separate set up and national objectives.

Integrates with:
Axis & Allies Europe 1940, thanks

The seventh game is Star Wars Episode One, Clash of the Lightsabers Cardgame:
Hi, got this card game for X-mas, pretty enjoyable, based on the fourth movie of the series, Star Wars, Episode 1: Clash of the Lightsabers.

Near complete, components in very good condition. Includes 2 sets of 60 cards, rules, box inserts.

I took the game to N.Y.C. this year, and, when I return, I realize, I had forgotten to put back into the box, the 2 metallic figures(my daughter still cannot find them). The rest of the game is complete, and, quite playable.

Box lid has split corners, a small tear, and some tape. Box base is solid. Cards are not torn/folded/dirty. May The Force Be With You, thanks

The eight game is a European Racing game, of Lamborghini: The Official Race Game-
Hi the game is near mint, has game board(both sides has a handsome track on it), the box, car & driver & tech. & manoeuvre & banknote cards are included(little wear & cards are cleaned), what it does not have is one of the five original cars that came with it(wife's little nephew "borrowed it" & never saw it again). I purchase at the local discount store a about 1/72 generic racing car to take its place, plus a Free Matchbox used Firebird to give it a little U.S. muscle car influence.

The game is set up for simple & advance play for European style racing. I found using house rules are just as enjoyable, also using dice(not included, makes for faster & smoother play). The instruction booklet comes in several languages, the rules for the game is about 5.5 pages.

Will be shipped with simply cardboard covering the game(no game box inside a box with foam pellets), sent USPS Parcel, only lower 48 states & PR(outside ask me and will check with USPS for rate).

Any interest in the games, let me know, Thanks
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Re: Items for sale

Post by suit » Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:42 pm

In this section, work in progress, just game parts, cardboard and plastic, not always together, thanks!

The first item is:
The game for parts only from this slightly used first of the newer Risk series, Risk 2210 set(not counting Classic Risk, Napoleonic or Castle Risk).
The contents of parts left are:
cardboard mostly unpunched(sans year markers)
board game great shape
original box(a bit banged up)
instruction booklet,
Inner game devider walls(a bit bent)

The second item is plastic units for Civil War/Napoleonic/W.W.II games:
For wargamming have also 1/72 scale figures, mostly Civil War blue and gray troopers(from the Gettsburg and Seige 1863 Games soft plastic), of about 24 troopers total, in a dozen poses each color,

Along with blue 1/144 Risk Napoleonic plastic troopers and horse.

An addition to the above, have 54mm units for wargamming of W.W.II Axis and Allies(troops, armor, air). The troops are U.S., British, Italian, German & Japanese, Armor only U.S., Brits., and, Germans, Air only U.S., Brits., and, Italian. For those who like to War game using House Rules(or as I remember reading years back, the gamer who reproduce the old style Axis and Allies Board, in color, on his basement floor, many many feet in diameter).

Armor, and, the aircraft are the usual lot(e.g. Panzars, Churchill & Sherman 75mm gun,&, P-38, Dakota, B-17,and, MiG Fighter etc.). The Armor 1/48 and air usually 1/48 & 1/72 scale. Also final note for the above, the troops are 1/32, about 2.25 inches tall).

The third item are parts for old style Axis and Allies games and Xeno type supplements:
Hi,these are the left over parts from five 1980s orginal Axis and Allies games and a Xeno supplement (with the parts store brought for the latter).
The A&A game parts are-
Ge.Reference Card,
8 USSR tokens, 7 German, 7 United Kingdom, 8 Japanese, 10 U.S.A., 4 white chips,
5 factories,
8 U.S.A.troops,
3 British tanks,
1 sub painted blue,
3 Japanese fighters,

Xeno parts are (troops are about 1/72 scale)-
blister pack of about 17 Japanese troops & flag, &, about 30 U.S.A. troops and a European type flag,
24 Grey Infantry (used for Germany),
07 Blue Infantry (used for France),
01 Yellow for Japan & 01 Green for China & 01 Light Blue for European,
06 transport parts plastic of a train, diesel & steam engines, tanker, boxcar, passenger car, and, caboose(used to transport land forces two spaces),
diecast self propelled gun & mobile missile from Kenner Megaforce(train & diecast at least twice as large as a A&A tank),
3 Battleship game parts and 5 much smaller ships,
2 cake topper ships (you could put the A&A fleet on the aircraft Carrier), of 2 A.C. ,
one repainted blue jet. any interest, let me know what parts you need, thanks

The fourth item is mostly for non-Axis and Allies games:
These are parts I used to supplement games I use to have/still have, over time I removed them from the games, in order to make it easier to use and store(you guess it, lost them, &, found them again).

17th.Century Pirates parts are-
Were used in Battlemaster "Broadsides and Boarding Parties" of an Orion?, English Captain, crewman, and two part cannon. Also to help guard that replica of Spanish gold metallic coin (doubloon), a red plastic Pirate Captain about 40mm in size.

19th.Century parts-
From "1861" game, metallic gray five paddle-boats & three "Virgina" type Ironclads(thousands scale). Used in background of Civil War type Star Fort,
Also used two horsemen & cannon on Starfort & parts used also in "Cry Battle" game,
two cavalry & two troopers & two cannons, from "Risk" & small cannon, used in "Battle Cry",
two Indians from "1861' game & two British Redcoats from "History of the World" game used in old American Heritage "Cry Battle" game.

W.W.II parts are-
Memiors'44 USSR trooper & cannon,
Boxed four, about, 40mm metallic British Forces, of Flight Sgt., Infantry, Tanker, &, Sailor, used to mark the different British forces, in Axis and Allies Games(e.g. marked Indian forces and Aussie forces in Pacific game, and, N. Africa forces in Europe game),
Days of Wonder 2004 Game Catalog, &, Memoir'44 Pacific & Terrain booklets(in English for cover, but, inside in French).

Sci-Fiction parts used for "Buck Rodgers in 25th. Century" & "Fortress America"(added for more game combat on planets & the USA) of-
Kenner Megaforce metallics of seven jets, four VTOL(vertical takeoff & landing craft), &, six mobile missile launchers, tank, scale is larger than above games,
copter & two cars from a road rally type game,
two plastic APC, copter, &, truck & gun,
finally closer to game size two jets and bombers.

Fantasy Parts are-
Metallic Winged Wizard & Dragon(black that was repainted in gold), about 40mm, used in AH "Wizard's Quest", Milton Bradley “BattleMaster", and, "HeroQuest" games,
about 54 mm naval cannon metallic pencil sharpener, used on top of "BattleMaster" Tower, &, Weapon & Warriors sets.

The fifth item is:
New plastic parts from A&A Pacific 1940 game, just let me know, the parts you are interested in-
10 Infantry, 3 tanks, 3 Mobil Infantry(APC type units), 3 artillery, 3 fighters, 3 tactical bombers, 1 strategic bomber, 1 Battleship & 1 Aircraft Carrier, 2 Destroyers & 2 subs. & 2 transports, 1 Cruiser, &, 10 control markers, for any UK, Anzac, USA, & Imperial Japan.

China only 10 infantry & 10 control markers.

Also 2 red & 2 black die, 5 red & 40 plastic grey chips, &, 2-D cardboard of 5 sea bases, 5 AA guns, 4 major industrial & 4 minor industrial bases, &, 4 air bases. Thanks

The sixth item is:
Axis and Allies 1941 for sale, parts ONLY! Near mint, box, board, instructions, A/D strips, national tokens, tokens for parts, dice, SOME plastic for each of the 5 powers(USA, UK, USSR, Germany, &, Japan).

Parts plastic are:1 bomber; 8 troopers.

Let me know what parts/cardboard interest you, Thanks

The seventh item is:
Hi, this is for game parts for two player Axis and Allies Minis Sea starter set. The parts are-
box top part partially taped back
six cards near mint
checklist(some dotted in)
reply mail card
2 double sided color maps
6 island cards
only six of eight dice(six sided)
booklets of advance rules & quick start, good shape
unpunched counters of aircraft, objective, and, damage counters,

Any interest in the games or for any of the parts, let me know, if it could be sold/traded, thanks!

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