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List of WWII Websites

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 5:47 pm
by Gen. Alexander Patch

Axis Powers

BBC has WW2 videos and speeches by Hitler and Churchill

Secrets of World War Two

WW2 Ship Classes ... ip_classes

WW2 Military Vehicles ... by_country

Airships ... by_country

The story of heroic Polish uhlans attacking German tanks during WW2 is a myth. On Sept 1st 1939 at Krojanty part of Polish 18th Uhlan Regiment successfully charged German infantry battalion resting near woods but then got under heavy machine gun fire and withdrew. According to General Heinz Guderian this charge impressed the Germans and caused a wide spread panic among the staff and infantry. The same day the German war correspondents were brought to the battlefield together with two journalists from Italy. They were shown the battlefield, the corpses of uhlans and their horses, as well as German tanks that arrived to the place after the battle. One of the Italian correspondents sent home an article, in which he described the bravery and heroism of Polish cavalrymen, who charged German tanks with sabres and lances. Although such a charge did not happen and there were no tanks used during the combat, the myth was used by German propaganda during the war. Propaganda film even showed this charge on tanks, with Polish uhlans (in German helmets and uniforms !) using their sabers and lances against tanks. The truth is the uhlans never charged tanks (or armored vehicles) as they were equipped with anti-tank guns such as 37mm Bofors wz.36 (exported to UK as Ordnance Q.F. 37mm Mk I) that could penetrate tanks' armor. They just made a surprising attack on resting infantry and withdrew before machine guns.

Exploding Bats (Bat Bombs)

War Animals (scroll down to see WW2 animals)

Fire Balloons

Hope these links are interesting enough! More later.

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