Tech and National Advantages

Thanks for your input todate. Here is a collection of my thinking at this point. Please feel free to participate in this on going discussion. Your contributions are appreciated. Tell your A&A friends about this so they have a chance to voice what they want in A-A&A. I'll update the the original posting as changes and new ideas are adopted or contemplated.
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Post by The Old Soldier » Thu Mar 24, 2005 4:55 pm

The tech tree is the weakest aspect of A&AR. It results seem extreme. While I like NA to a point, I would prefer a marriage of both systems into one.

Why can't National advantage be part of the tech tree itself? Example tech advances for armor may be a +1 defence. The german army could start the game with such a advance or be given as a NA a greater chance for such a advance. Planes advance would be a -1 to the cost of building, the US could start with it or be given a greater chance for the advancement of aircraft. Each nation could have one such advantage or greater chance. As for the bomb, that would take hugh amounts of IPC for even a chance of such a advancement or could be part of a chain of different advancement to get to that point.

Advancement could be Radar, Sonar, Long range bombers, tanks, planes, increased industialism, A bomb, logistical support, fanatical troops, just for starts.


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Post by Krieghund » Thu Mar 24, 2005 5:49 pm

Good ideas, Sean!
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Post by GSH34 » Mon Feb 06, 2006 1:11 am

I will begin by saying I have not play tested this idea. I am throwing it out for discussion just to see what you guys think.

Technological advances were a serious part of the war and something that should be worked on for Advanced. I would like it if advances were maybe tied to how much IPC income a country has. Say a 'bonus' 10% goes to developing tech.

For example, if Germany collects 40ipc at the end of it's turn, they would automatically get 4 ipcs to spend on tech the next round. Collect 39 ipc, and get 3 ipc for tech the next round. Similar to how Japan got victory points in A&A Pacific. This way, a player can spend all of their income on units and still be able to research tech. Instead of rolling dice, a player 'invests' that tech money towards a specific goal that they wish to research. Different techs could have different ipc values associated with them. This would allow directed research. All players know that your enemy is researching something, so it wouldn't come as a shock when on round 5, they have long range aircraft for example.

Does this idea have any merit? Any thoughts on this idea gentlemen?

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Post by GROGnads » Mon Feb 06, 2006 2:07 pm

Then maybe go over just what they've DONE about "Tech" advancing within the "Hitler's War" game. It could become another facet to consider, with the appropirate 'changes' for such. While even the 'XENO' game of "Europe at War" has theirs too, where this depicts an "Improved" version for ALL of the pieces involved for that. Sure, it would be NICE to have every individual and actual 'Historical' kinds of these, but at what COST? That would also depend upon just WHEN this ALL will "begin" as well, since the "advances" were ongoing, with plenty of 'wastage' upon THOSE that "didn't pan out", as it were. Do you propose to reflect these 'aspects' for such in any manner?
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Post by GSH34 » Mon Feb 06, 2006 3:02 pm


I am only trying to stir some debate on tech and national advantages. Technological advances were an integral part of the war for both the Allies and Axis. Currently, it is an after thought in A&A. I am not a game designer. Just a passionate player. I am only offering my idea on a possible way of making technogical advances an integral part of the game, as it was in the war. By having directed research, there is no reason why more than six tech's wouldn't be possible.

Take Germany in A&AR. Some players invest in a German fleet. For them, having a directed tech for better subs or other naval vessels could be benificial. Or, if they only do ground units, having directed tech in that direction would be a choice.

I am only offering a suggestion to debate. I'm not saying my idea is the 'right' one.

As for the games you have mentioned, I have never played them and can not comment on them.


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Post by Imperious leader » Tue Feb 07, 2006 12:05 am

Ok... we are still waiting on what other teams have come up with regarding tech. However, If we install a historical tree ( which means placing the turns into some time frame which hasnt been done before, then i feel nice tech tree can be created.. What i dont like at all is the "everything for everybody and any time" way technology has been done in the past... So the Idea of Japan getting rockets on the first turn seems very faulty from a design for a world war two game.. Rolling dice and the "risk" element of trying to pull a fast one against your opponent is a fun way to play, but is really beyond the stretch of the imagination. Somehow the relevance of technology must come to grips with what was possible during the years 1941-45. When the other teams have finished phase one i am sure someone would have covered this and again the topic will be debated.
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A new way?`

Post by Hefsgaard » Mon Jul 09, 2007 12:37 pm

Just som preliminary thoughts:

A Develpoment cards. these have 3 uses. Either as streight IPC growth. As a general technology boost. Or as an event type.

B Table of technology. Divided into 4 periods: Pre-war, early war, late war and post war. Each level giving either som advantage or some ability to units.

eksamples of where Im going with this.......

Card: External fueltanks. (Air) "Adds +1 range to airunits."

Getting this card, you could use it to either:
Increase your basic IPC income, saving the card in a stack beside your Nationality card.
Add to your technology level for Airunits. (several might be needed to actualy move from timezone to timezone.)
Play in front of you, to use the +1 range to your airunits.

Card: Russian winter. (Naval) "Axis armor inside soviet borders count as infantry, until next soviet turn." [Soviet only]

Card: Atomic bomb. (Air) "Destroy all units and produktion centers in one area witin range of a bomber. Reduce IPC value of that area to 0." [Post Air or Strategic Rockets]
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