Changing Destroyers to cost 8 (was 12)

Thanks for your input todate. Here is a collection of my thinking at this point. Please feel free to participate in this on going discussion. Your contributions are appreciated. Tell your A&A friends about this so they have a chance to voice what they want in A-A&A. I'll update the the original posting as changes and new ideas are adopted or contemplated.
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Post by thoes426 » Wed Dec 22, 2004 1:29 pm

Larry -
:lol: You read me like a book! I would hate it. :D
I like the idea of the lowered cost of the Submarine with it's "hunter" DD costing a few more IPC.
I also agree that mines are not needed.

Thoes426 :twisted:
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Post by Larry » Wed Dec 22, 2004 2:18 pm

so noted

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Post by adlertag » Wed Dec 22, 2004 3:02 pm

Adlertag says:

If subs cost 6, then destroyers must cost 8.

No mines, please. All ships and subs laid and cleared mines, that is implementet in the units combat factor.

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Post by Larry » Wed Dec 22, 2004 3:17 pm

comments read
I think those are the numbers... 6 & 8 Not absolutely sure but looking that way. Transports will probably be 8 too.

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Post by Imperious leader » Wed Dec 22, 2004 3:35 pm

ok look it up. ... 3&navy=USS

Destroyers were lighter than submarines on average so its not necessarily true that destroyers should cost more than submarines. In fact all navies except germany had by far more destroyers than subs, and ill assume they were cheaper to build and easier like liberty ships. So again please look carefully at the numbers for each navy. Id say destroyers should be the infantry of the sea at 6IP, while subs come in at 8 IP but for germany they could be 6 IP.
we may also note that destroyers at 35 knots or more should move 3 spaces, while objects like subs only go about 8 knots (except type xx1 u boats at 15.9 knots-electro boats)

Id also consider making carriers at 3 as well so that like history we can see the reason why carriers and battleships were seldon used in combined operations.While naval carrier battles was mostly fought with groups of carriers protected with destroyers, we also find battleships and cruisers in similiar pairings. The reason dear friends is that ships of similiar speed work together and we need to demonstrate this in the game. The necessary consequence of course will be additional spaces between Japan and Hawaii/ west coast ( about 2 extra in each case)
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Post by Larry » Thu Dec 23, 2004 12:49 am

comments noted

IL- You present a good case. Please, if you can, find something that show the comparitive cost of a WWII DD and sub.

I'm leaning more towards making them both cost 8 and a transport costing 8 as well.

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Post by TMTM » Fri Dec 24, 2004 7:37 am

All the costs idea's are even #'s odd #'s are ok too! ;)

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Post by Larry » Sun Dec 26, 2004 11:09 pm

I like even numbers - They contribute to comparability. It contributes to my confort zone. It makes my days brighter. But, you may be right.

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