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Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2004 2:45 pm
by elbowmaster
ok, glad to get that energy behind us...its not about the train stations...and its not about whos is better or bigger...

im holding back my urge to plug everything that i think works (for me) it doesnt say that it works for everyone, and that perfectly fine with me as well...

im trying to think along the lines of a person who doesnt have the luxury as we do, in being in direct contact with our beloved game, that we have many enjoyable years of gaming...

i want to go WOW, when i open this new game...i want others to say WOW as well, and not have to feel the complete urge to change the game right out of the box like revised has done...

we have to keep in mind that we are a small percentage of fanatics...and for a success, this game has to touch the standard gamers interests, many dont have the 3rd Reich mentality, we need to keep that in mind or we will be stuck making our own versions to fit our needs, and have a relative few people to game with...

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2004 3:10 pm
by Nuclear
I do not know if somebody has stated this before or what, but I think that railroads should go something like this. You can buy railroads for 5 IPCs. This allows you to place down 3 tracks and you get 1 train. The train is limited to the tracks and can transport up to any 3 units. Also there would be armored trains like in the real war to protect the rail lines and ensure their safety from attacking forces. That is just my two cents.

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2004 3:15 pm
by Imperious leader
ok good thoughts... but we have to realize as i have stated that we are just ideas swimming around looking for form and purpose.In order to help larry do as you have stated we have to contest ideas and fight for their vitality with reasons why we think they are good and bad.. How is progress ever to be made w/o reflection?? I want everybody to present every idea of merit possible, and everybody to point out why one is worse or better using direct methods, humor, analogy, Historic, Logical and why its not good for play mechanics. All these ideas fight for supremacy and reason will triumph with all our efforts. "Yes "men we are not.. that will not help the boss make the best "wow"game as you call it.

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 1:03 am
by Der Panzinator
Train pieces or markers will add too much to an already cluttered land territories. I think that even the AA gun needs to go away. :roll:

Each player should have a player card with a chart that has RR points. Each point allows you to move one piece an unlimited number of land spaces that are all connected by friendly owned territories.
In the span of an average A&A turn which encompasses at least 3 months it should be no problem to move an infantry division from the coast of Normandy to the gates of Moscow if needed.

Each country will have a RR cap based on historical rail capacity. For a country like US it is not as important as it is for say Germany or Russia. They will have a higher cap.

The RR points can be bombed just like Industrial bombing raids. Although you just need to be able to reach any enemy territory. The rail points can be rebuilt of course.

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 1:27 am
by Imperious leader
good then we have similiar approach, my comments regarding TMTM's ideas were basically to say ok thats a decent way to go,but the less the better and tokens for rail or rail icons equals map clutter. Note prior posts..

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 1:41 am
Imperious leader wrote:We are all about postive ideas and sharing them, if we "attack" the ideas we are not attacking YOU. Adlertag does this with me but i understand hes need to imporve things, Drax is another tough dude who its very clever and also has a History backround.. Remember this is only forum of ideas swimming around for purpose and substance...
I totally agree... some of the best idea's are born from the most goofy. Mistakes are life's learning tools! I've enjoyed everyone's idea's even if I got a different one... keep an open mind and let the idea's run free :)

Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2004 8:09 pm
by Larry
Krieghund – oh yes. Railroads will become major targets for SBR

Guerrilla – interesting RR math.

Il – you’re right or at least what you demonstrate is right… there are many possible solutions to RR math. I think I’ll just try to keep it simple. It’s just one of many things to consider while taking your turn. It should be quick to deal with and simple to register. I like the idea of just flipping over disk show damage etc.
I don’t agree that each territory should have a limit based on its value – why do that? It’s not worth the effort. If we keep this RR stuff quick and simple (Q+S) people will love it. If we turn it into a mini game within a game we just destroyed its elegance.

Elbow – I don’t think we need RR stations per se. I’d just put RR tokens between territories as you show on you map. Each RR represents open RR networks between territories.
Wow elbow you kinda lost your cool there for a moment. (

Nuclear – I’m not sure about having to purchase RR’s maybe you just have repair them if attacked. I mean they already existed before the war began. As for limiting what can be shipped over them – I hope we don’t need such a limit from a game mechanic point of view. I’d prefer to not have to deal with that kind of detail (see above).

Der Pan – the board is cluttered you’re right. Perhaps we should show not existing RR systems but only damaged passages.

Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2004 8:38 pm
by elbowmaster
Larry wrote:Wow elbow you kinda lost your cool there for a moment.
yeah hes lucky i dont have the delete key like you have ;)

im swedish / italian... i warned you... think i got it being raised by my swedish grandmother, about 4' 10", but man, i used to watch her chew people up, and spit them out...

im working on not being so explosive...sorry about that...dont mean to be rude at your site...