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Thanks for your input todate. Here is a collection of my thinking at this point. Please feel free to participate in this on going discussion. Your contributions are appreciated. Tell your A&A friends about this so they have a chance to voice what they want in A-A&A. I'll update the the original posting as changes and new ideas are adopted or contemplated.
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Post by Imperious leader » Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:14 pm

This new game has to be more than a repackage of revised except with upgrade of quality and quantity. It simply has to offer more ideas that are different enough to make the purchase reasonable... otherwise new people will just say:

" this is nothing more than another reincarnation of revised... i might as well save money and buy it because essentually its the same thing only with a few fixes in the rules that i can download free at AH site."

If the map/components was a bit different ( new territories, new pieces, cards) This will compensate and appeal to the newcomers. I hope we are appealing to the new fans, because most of the old guard will buy it- but potentially to reach out to people who never tried this game supports the franchise better in the long term.

So since your keeping the same old pieces there has to be something new in the ideas department to keep the tank running.
We really need an Axis and Allies World War one game so i can play that on August 1st, 2014.

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Post by Larry » Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:25 pm

Thanks Il.. its always (well almost always) good to hear from you :wink:

As usual you make good points

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Post by Dagon81 » Tue Mar 27, 2007 3:58 pm

Thanks for the answers :D

I understand your position, there are many interests involved in this kind of projects and its not easy to "promise" things or whatever.

Everyone has its own opinion about how the game should be and in the end it depends much in the response of the public and the costs of the game.

I guess everyone would love to have a huge world map and lots of country-specific pieces as well as countries like Italy, China, ... even Canada and Australia and maybe Vichy/Free France...

But how easy is to make this kind of game?! Not everyone is ready to pay 100 - 300 $ for this...

I believe that you could try a sort of Axis and Allies miniatures sistem for the Axis and Allies advanced game and sell separated armies with the units we have seen so far (and new ones I hope) and country specific for some new countries even. Note that some sites sell axis and allies pieces-like models and have success!... That would help foreign buyers in this chapter.

We all know the miniatures make the game fantastic. :D
Also, a new sistem I would like to see in a global Axis and Allies game is something like Diplomacy cards to influence neutrals... but this would make more sense if there were railways and oil producing countries. But as I understand also...oil brings new problems... lol :)

Any way Im much more clarified about the topic and looking forward to hear news from another axis and allies game.

Best Luck and keep the Good Work :)

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Post by Larry » Wed Mar 28, 2007 4:35 pm

Thanks Dragon81
Comments noted

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