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Re: Fan Photos: A&A: Battle of Stalingrad by Pete E

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:22 am
by elbowmaster
Been having server issues for awhile now. Everything is backed up in case it hoses and another server to be rebuilt when this one bellies up. I'd like to see this version or kursk in the Axis and Allies line up. Seems more natural. To me anyways, Axis and Allies is about WW2. Other than WW1, just does not seem to fit in other time frames. Reading the American Civil War is in consideration or being made, but does not really seem correct to brand it Axis and Allies. South - break the will of the North to fight via military victories. North, break the South economically and then via military invasion. Could be fun, but it is not Axis and Allies. JMO. I mean what is next? Axis and Allies: Robin Hood?

Re: Fan Photos: A&A: Battle of Stalingrad by Pete E

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:33 am
by Pete E
While we've all enjoyed A & A over the years, I suspect in all of us we'd like to recreate our own version of a famous battle not yet tackled by Larry. I have made dozens of different versions of the battle of Stalingrad and would like to share something that has worked well regarding mounting the maps.

Originally, I was using 1/2" plywood, painting the map directly on the surface, framing the back, and finally attaching strips of 1-3/4" molding to the sides which left the border rising 1/2" above the gameboard. As you can imagine, this can be bulky and create a bit of weight to haul around. And you may still want to make a substantial structure without, however, painting the surface. What I do now is purchase 24" x 48" x 1/8" sheets of masonite, paint the map on the surface, and drop the finished product into my frame which allows a 1/4" border surrounding the new gameboard. The advantage this gives is easy storage of multiple sheets and you can paint both sides although the back side is not smooth but still makes an interesting surface to work with.

If the photos of my Stalingrad game were still available you could easily picture what I have tried to describe. On a negative note I've written both Larry and Elbowmaster months ago requesting they remove my Stalingrad game from this sight if the pictures will not be restored (afterall, the heading is "Game Photo's & MAP's). To date I've heard from neither, and like Elvis, perhaps both "have left the building!"

Regardless, my best to all who enjoy gaming and the creative process.

Restoring photos

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:14 pm
by Pete E
Thanks for restoring the Stalingrad photos. It's good to see the Russian 13th Guards Division once again clamoring up the Mamayev Kurgan hillside to try and wrest control from the German 295th Infantry Division. The battle continues...
Let's hear from you more often.
Best regards,