I dedicate my game to following people

In Axis & Allies Revised I asked - To whom do you dedicate your game? Make your dedication here
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I dedicate my game to following people

Post by Nuclear » Fri Dec 01, 2006 3:22 pm

1. My step grandfather who recently died. He served in the US Airforce in the Pacific. Also was the president of the American Legion Hall.
2. My grandfather on my father's side who was drafted into the USA army during WW2, but never saw combat with the war ending once he arrived in Europe.
3. To my dead relatives in Europe who fought on the German side in the Battle of Stalingrad. (I still have relatives in Germany today.)

A few times my grandfather and I played Axis and Allies. Sorry to say Larry my grandfather did not like the game too much and that was when we played the originial game. I still remember him saying how inaccurate the game was, how the game took so long to play, and how it ended so fast.
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