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Re: Axis and Allies in Space (Home)

Post by Flashman » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:27 pm

Starting with 48 unexplored stars.

System Deck of 60 cards;

40 planetary systems
10 Empty
5 Asteroid Fields (can be mined for minerals but not colonized)
5 Kuiper Fields (can be mined for water but not colonized)

Lifeform Deck of 60 cards;

40 alien races in 4 technological levels
10 No Life forms
5 Wasted (nuclear war has left the planet barren; only satellite defences still work.
5 Toxic to all life?

If an alien race is drawn to a system without planets, it is ignored unless that race is at tech level 4 in which case it appears aboard a mothership as a migrating alien race.

In the third era players draw event cards rather than explore systems; 10 of these will introduce level 5 aliens as migrating species from Outer space intent on plundering the galaxy.

The scenario is that the Human species has developed the technology for space travel, but the Earth itself is now depleted of mineral resources. Hence, the giant Corporations who first developed mineral exploitation on the other planets of the Solar System have become the dominant forces in human politics, making or breaking the various dynasties of Solar Emperors, who have become no more than puppets idling away their lives in the imperial pleasure palace in Samarkand.

Each player takes on the role of a planetary corporation, with the system they have developed becoming their home or "capital" territory.

Neptune: (Yellow) Triton Interplanetary Traders
Uranus: (White) Ariel Gas
Saturn: (Black) Rocks of Titan Inc.
Jupiter: (Blue) Callisto Technological Solutions
Mars: (Red) Martian Mining Company
Venus: (Green) Merchant Guild of Venus
Mercury: (Purple) Wings over Mercury PLC
Earth: (Gold) Seat of the Emperor, defended by the Praetorian Guard Fleet. Off limits to the players unless attempting a military coup.

Veteran units in silver
Aliens in light grey

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Re: Axis and Allies in Space (Home)

Post by Strichnine » Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:18 pm

Imperious leader wrote:yep lets do it.
Hey IL, I am a long time fan of A&A and I have access to a large printer. Is it possible to get the file for your A&A50 map. I really want to print it out for my friends and I.

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