Adjusting 1941

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Adjusting 1941

Post by LyrandisX » Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:16 pm

While it is a decent opener for people, it's lacks serious teeth to be worth playing beyond a few times. You don't want to punish people for small mistakes, and make it painstakingly difficult to produce units and gain IPCs. You kept territories with no real value anymore (Iwo Jima, Okinawa, French West Africa, ect.), while taking away territories at fronts with heavy combat (Eastern Front).

I recommend making the board magnetic as well as the pieces so stuff does not fly everywhere, maybe make the pieces and the board even smaller to save money. This will make it more portable for players.

Bring back victory cities and make it easier for either side to win. Same with Cruisers and Artillery.

Add AAGuns imprinted on the map. Add more territories and reduce some to make it more linear. Imprint setups on the Map, I hate having to look through that book, it's easier to get things done when everything is mostly right in front of you. Have the names simplified to something reasonable.

Have the instruction book have far less text, and use more images to provide newcomers a better understanding.

The cost of units should be changed: Infantry 2, Artillery 3, Tanks 4, Fighters 7, Bombers 9, Transports 6, Submarines 5, Destroyers 7, Cruiser 9, Aircraft Carriers 10, and Battleships 14, players should be able to produce more to make the game more interesting.

I have a map and setup already using an edited variant of the 1941 map for Triple A which is an edit of the revised map for Triple A which is based on the official Revised map. Image

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