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Post by Imperious leader » Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:25 am

I think thats too many pieces. the only other land unit that could be considered is perhaps Heavy Tanks or Elite Armor ( Waffen SS, Shock Armies, Guard Armored Troops).

The game cannot support Light this and heavy that with a D6 system because you run out of values to use and they all look the same.
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Post by thehero » Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:42 am

I've always wanted D12.


Light Artillary-3 (+1 on infantry)
Heavy Artillary-8
Tack-7 (9 with tank)
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Post by JamesGG » Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:47 pm

WoW lots of idea on more pieces. I Think that the one item that really needs to be added without adding another piece is rail capacity. I think it needs to be a simple system but also be able to be bombed. Or maybe even better if you bomb a center property that you cant transport thorugh that territory into another. That would depend On how complicated yoiu want to make rail.

You can't have unlimited rail movement that would allow germany or russia to move what ever they wanted during a round they made a bad tactical move with some critical pieces. why don't we simplify it and say rail capacity is how many territories you control that are all connected. so using AA50 as the example. 42 set up Germany has 6 territories not counting Norway or Algeria becasue rail does not cross water. so 6 is the rail capacity you can move 6 land units anywhere within the territories that connect as long as they we not involved in combat. They can also move into land that was just taken.

Now if a player bombs a territory and specifies rail bombing then after the aa gun roll the territory cannot move land units in or out of that particular territory until damage is repaired. The rail capacity would be lowered as well as now you have 5 territories so only 5 units can be moved just not into the territory that was bombed.

Let the repairs be simillar to factory damage however let the die roll make the ipc cost. Maybe divide by 2 round down. and if there is more then 1 bomber then round up. Something simple that is easy to keep track of. Maybe a little token with rail lines with a cross through in symbolize no rail in that area.

So if the german player were to take karalia and the baltic states he could then add 4 more rail as then there would be a continuous line to scandinavia. Definitely a reason to bomb him.

Of course these ideas can be modified I was was just looking for an easy way to do rail. Because there is without a doubt need for rail because that is what happenend the entire war. I believe that type of addition should be added rather then getting bogged down with more pieces and more rules.

Please comment I would like to here simple rail ideas without costing you money or do you guys like finding reasons to spend all that extra cash from the NO's LOL

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Post by Eagle » Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:09 pm

I favour the idea that Frog posted about strategig redeployment. Pay 1 IPC for each land unit you want to move unlimited between your adjacent territories. Please no bombing of railroads. Lets keep it simple.

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Post by WILD BILL » Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:14 pm

I use a rail system that is determined by the ipc value of that territory. I figure that the ipc value reflects the infrastructure of that tt to some degree. If the value is 2 ipc then you can move 2 units (inf, art & AA) through it. You can only use rail in non combat, and all 3 tt need to be friendly at the start of your turn. (1 started in,2 railed through,3 moved into). A unit can only rail through one country per turn, and only if it did not participate in combat.
AA50 Example: Your 10 inf in France can rail through Germany (10 ipc) to Poland. Your 2 art in Moscow can rail through Archangel(2 ipc) and into Karelia. Units don't have to start in the same tt and you can also split the units into different ending tt. Damage markers also limit the units that can rail through it. If Germany has 4 dam markers it can only rail 6 units. We also allow you to SBR tt w/o IC to disrupt rail movement (like the Balkins to piss off Italy) just put damage markers up to ipc level (don't double it). Rail helps both sides. Ger/It will be at Moscow's door faster, but you can get your Siberians home quicker, and it helps to consolidate your UK troops in Africa/Middle east.

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Post by Yamamoto123 » Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:12 pm

I am a new post-er, but I love A&A!!!

I think maybe the rail system could be like in the Revised Edition, where Russia has the Trans-siberian Railway, except it could be for Germany also.

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