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Post by Romulus » Sun Jun 22, 2008 2:42 pm

Oh, yes IL I agree with you on that.

I was only speaking about of giving a unique feature also to the Cruisers.

My only concern is about historical differents tasks performed by diffent types of cruisers unified in a single unit. But game is an abstraction of real word and have to simplify something.

So 3/3, move 2 is a good characterization. I hope they have also a their own particular feature in order "to be a Cruiser".
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Post by Mimmo » Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:53 am

My opinion is that the destroyers seen in Revised works likes “light cruiser” instead of destroyers.
In fact if we give an attack/defense value of 4/4 for the battleships and 3/3 for the destroyer, the range is very small.
A possible point of view, in order to introduce the cruisers in Anniversary, could be think about these units likes “heavy cruiser”.
The destroyer value should be reduced at 2/2 with the special ability of antisub warfare and give to the cruisers a value of 3/3 and the special ability to carry one infantry (and of course remove this ability from the destroyers).
For the 3 sea zone movement it will be interesting but I think that this point is related to the new map and new sea zone draw, if we not see any preview of the new map I have no idea if this point can work or not.

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