The Swastika: German feedback requested

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Post by elbowsanchez » Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:30 pm

Dagon81 wrote:
By the way, you US americans (Why the hell people call you americans..?! Brazil, Argentina...those are americans too...) are not inocent in starting sh** around the world...
I think it has to do with the country being born, july 4th 1776...OK, now roll your eyes, :roll: astrologically speaking, USofA was born the sign of Cancer, which represents "the mother"...I guess our government likes to think it is the NIPPLE of the world!! And another interesting aspect, is the "our way is the best and only way" mentality.

only place worse...TEXAS ;)

Arnold is no better than Gray Davis, the guy he had ousted. Arnold is worthless too...

-The evil Bert & friend

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Post by adlertag » Thu Jun 26, 2008 4:10 pm

Right, I will vote for McCain, his a real American

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Post by Rising_Sun_Warrior » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:51 pm

It's times like these I sincerely hope to move to Europe.....or Japan....or not in the US...
"In wartime the truth is so precious, she must always be attended by a bodyguard of lies" -Winston Churchill

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Post by Imperious leader » Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:33 pm

Arnold is no better than Gray Davis
You got to be kidding?

Gray Davis was Satan. At least Arnold got rid of that lame DMV fee, cut some fat from spending and got us closer to being a solvent state.

Gray put us in horrible shape and reduced the Calif credit rating to junk bond status, while Arnold forced national electric industries to renegotiate on those horrible electrical rates for Calif...all Grey Davis handiwork.

Besides Cruz Bustamante needed to be silenced and marginalized so he could never have power again. and Arnold did that. Bustamante was Davis little 'Heinrich Himmler' type of guy. Thank got they are both gone forever.
We really need an Axis and Allies World War one game so i can play that on August 1st, 2014.

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what the hell are you doing

Post by ChristophfromGermany » Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:58 am

Hi folks,

excuse me for not being present the last week. As a real German I was totally preoccupied with watching our team during the EURO 2008 soccer championship in Switzerland and Austria! Thats why Norwegians, Brits and later on Dutch and Italians had more time to spend in this forum! (o.k. this was probably the fastest way to get unpopular within 5 seconds! But you can comfort yourself with Spains victory over us, which was totally deserved as they had the best team in tournament). Michel Platinis words are still true: If Germans play good, they win the World Championship, if they play bad, they reach the final. So far the news from the hobby I like second best after wargames (or is football another kind of that?)

Now I would like to turn the focus back on the question of Rising_Sun_Warrior: I ordered advanced A&A maps twice – once from Canada and once from USA. Both maps had Swastikas on it. Both times I asked the producers to put something over the swastikas. Once the maps arrived here, I uncovered the swastikas. Personally I consider wargames with an historical background as history and not propaganda. By playing Germany I don´t sympathise with the Nazi regime but just replay history. It´s even a form of commemorating all the fallen soldiers on both sides. But I know that many people think otherwise. They consider a wargame about WWII as politically incorrect due to all the crimes comitted by Germans. I had to justify my hobby over here many times.
The ban of nazi symbols has obvious reasons, just think of parties of the far right, that succeeded in getting representatives in some of Germanys federal parliaments. Arguing about the Holocaust or war crimes by the Wehrmacht is one of their favourite subjects. Quite a stupid and disgusting bunch of people. So the use of nazi symbols still is and probably will be forbidden forever.
Perhaps we could do it like a game called Junta: according to a joke that was printed on the game box it may only be sold to proven democrats! But it was so much fun playing a corrupt general in a banana republic and trying to get as much money as you can on your secret swiss banc account.
It´s just like winning with the Axis: you better don`t think about what a dark place the world would have been then.

No decent man can prefer war to peace, because at peace-time the sons burry their father while at war, the father burries his sons. (Herodot)

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Post by johnnymarr » Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:14 pm

well said christoph

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Post by Autocad » Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:50 pm

I'll vote no on a swastika.

As a kid, I put them on my soldiers, and tank models, no problem.

But today, as I get older, the German cross is fine.

(I'll add, the swastika is an American Indian symbol, I have it on an old 1920s painting. own realatives from Gemany settled here. We have one or two old pictures of them with swatika symbol, BEFORE the NAZI's came to power)

But for a game kids will play, a German Iron Cross is fine.

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Re: The Swastika: German feedback requested

Post by IchBinDerKaiser » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:42 pm

I know this thread is old, but reading over I see some ridiculousness going on. I am not a German national. I am however descended from my grandmothers side of the family from Germany. My grandmother is the first generation born in the U.S., with her parents coming to America before ww1. I have some German blood in me, so I will respond, even though I have more Kiwi in me.

I think it is ridiculous to ban symbols like the swastika. You don't see them banning Confederate flags in America, or the Rising sun flag in Japan(I could be wrong about Japan). The symbol is not what's important, it is changing the feelings of the people, and I think that has happened. Of course, these feelings come from being an American, where we have Free speech and what not.

I don't like Arnold, or Obama, or McCain. Give me Ron Paul!

All and all, I don't mind looking at swastikas on the boxes of wargames, or anywhere else for that matter. You make a big deal over 8 little lines.
The only difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.- Tom Clancey.

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